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Are you and your family struggling to beat the heat at home? When those hot Indianapolis summers hit, you want to be able to cool down quickly and without the discomfort and hassle of waiting for an old air conditioner to turn on. That’s where the team at Masters Heating & Cooling Indianapolis comes in.
We offer a team of air condition repair technicians, each member fully certified to fix your system. Our technicians are well versed in more than installing your new high-efficiency system. They also offer excellent customer service skills. If you are ready for an upgrade or simply need a tune up, our qualified staff members are happy to assist you. It takes just one phone call to have a team on its way.
Air Conditioner Tune Up
Each technician on our team is equipped to provide your home with a custom air conditioning system tune up, ensuring that it is running at its highest efficiency possible. A technician performing a tune up typically cleans the condenser coils, checks the coolant levels, lubricates moving parts, calibrates the thermostat, inspects the air ducts, and evaluates the output of the air conditioning unit as a whole. If your system requires repairs or extra maintenance, our technicians will be able to tell you exactly what it needs.
High Efficiency Air Conditioning System Installation
Professional installation of your new high efficiency air conditioning system is a breeze with our technicians. We provide custom installation to ensure that your AC unit is best suited for your home. There are no two AC systems that are exactly alike, and not every system is perfect for every home. It takes a professional to examine your setup and determine if your unit is actually working hard enough to cool down your home.
Competitive Pricing
Plus, we also offer competitive prices on all new air conditioning systems. If your credit is approved, you will also have access to a variety of financing options to ensure that your home is cooler than ever with summer quickly approaching. We understand how difficult it can be to deal with an AC emergency, especially at the peak of summer when the weather is at its hottest. There is no reason to suffer through the heat. Beat it with Masters Heating & Cooling Indianapolis instead.
Reliable Air Conditioning Technicians at Your Service
At Masters, you can rest assured knowing that the technicians assisting you with installation and repair are certified and reliable. Our technicians have years of experience behind them and many more to come in the future. We understand the need to test and certify each of our staff members regularly. Ongoing education is part of our creed, which allows us to ensure that our technicians are keeping up with the latest in AC technology.
Service at the Office
Nobody wants to come in to work when the office is not sufficiently comfortable. The key to keeping your employees happy is to keep the office cool in the summer. When the AC goes out, we come in. There is no need to worry about your home or business when our technicians are in charge. Each is respectful and efficient, helping you maintain a safe and peaceful environment while they work.
Join the Program
Are you looking for more ways to save your hard-earned money on the cost of utilities? We can help you find the most efficient setup for your home or office. Do you want to learn more about air conditioning system warranties? Sign up to become a V.I.P. to learn more.
About Us
Masters Heating & Cooling Indianapolis has been in the business of exception service since 1980. In serving Greater Indianapolis and its surrounding areas, our staff members have learned what it takes to serve you best. We focus on providing you with a variety of air conditioning options, whether you need a new system for your home or your office.
Are you looking for fast air conditioning service for your Indianapolis home or business? Our team is available to handle your AC concerns 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us any time for quick service that will make your house a cool haven against the harsh summer sun. We ensure that you receive the highest quality service every time you call Masters Heating & Cooling by Van Valer.