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Mini Splits: Heating & Cooling Without the Ducts

ventless air conditioner

Many experts in the HVAC industry believe ductless heating and air conditioning is the wave of the future. Masters Heating & Cooling believes there’s a lot of truth in the statement.

It’s one reason over the excitement about ductless mini-split heat pumps. Some call them ventless air conditioners, but with heat pump technology they can deliver heating AND cooling directly to specific living areas.

Ductwork can often be the weak point in many central systems. It is an inherent drawback in what has been the backbone of the industry. Masters technicians have found duct problems are usually the culprit for uneven heating or cooling.

Moving heated or cooled air through ducts can reduce efficiency by up to 30%. Mini splits eliminate the problem. Conditioned air is delivered through an air handler usually mounted high on the wall.

Ductless HVAC uses as many as four air handlers that are connected to one outdoor condenser, and each can be set to a different temperature based on personal preference. Then hot and cold spots are virtually gone in your home.

Sometimes Masters technicians can fix the uneven heating or cooling by repairing or improving the duct work. But it’s next to impossible to do on many homes in our area because they are built on slabs.

The heating and cooling ducts are covered by concrete. There is no way to fix the leaks and other problems causing the hot and cold spots. In those situations, mini splits are an attractive solution.

Imagine the restful quiet in your house when the thermostat battle ends. No longer will one family member complain about it being too hot in the kitchen, while another insists it’s too cold in the living room.

Mini splits are also the perfect choice for the attic or garage space you want to turn into a new media room or home office. You can heat AND cool those areas without connecting them to your central home comfort system.

Let our Masters experts show you how mini splits manufactured by Fujitsu and Mitsubishi can make your home more comfortable.

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