Tis the Season to Protect and Help

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Tis the Season to Protect and Help

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The holidays are a time to give, and we’re not just talking about giving gifts to family members. We are talking about doing everything we can to keep our communities safe and taking care of each other, especially those who need a little extra help.

Masters Heating & Cooling has a great way for you to do just that. If you know someone; a friend, a neighbor, or a member of your church who’s having a tough time making ends meet, why not give them the gift of a heating system tune-up? With your donation, we can send one of our highly trained technicians to their home. It will help keep them safe and warm during the winter ahead.

Masters also knows there are families out there who could even be in life-threatening situations, perhaps in need of a new furnace to keep their home warm. If you know someone like that, call us and let us know. Masters is proud to work with the Neighborhood Link campaign to help deserving families. We can’t help everyone, but during the course of the winter we will be donating a limited number of new furnaces to people who are in need.

As much as we want you to reach out and help others, please don’t forget about your own safety. Home heating season is also the peak of the carbon monoxide poisoning season. This deadly gas kills more than 400 people on average every year. Masters can test the air in your home for the presence of CO, and check all of the gas burning devices like furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and fireplace logs to make sure they are working correctly.

If you don’t have carbon monoxide detectors in your home, Masters can also install them for you. And we want to emphasize that we used the plural form detectors on purpose. For true safety, a single detector really isn’t enough. There should be one on every level of your home and one near every sleeping area. If you have an attached garage, there should be a CO detector in the house close to the door to the garage as well. A car accidentally left running can quickly fill a house with dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

If you want to take the next step in safety, consider adding the more sophisticated version of detectors, CO monitors. Detectors only go off when there are dangerous levels of the gas. Monitors show the amount of carbon monoxide in the air, and allow you to monitor any changes in those levels. There is research showing long-term exposure to even low levels of carbon monoxide can be dangerous.

Masters Heating and Cooling is ready, willing, and able to help make this a safe and happy holiday season for you, your family, and others in our community.