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Don’t Risk Becoming a Tragic News Headline

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This time of year headlines like this are all too common: “Four People Dead After Apparent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.” This story is from West Virginia, but the truth is it can, and does happen anywhere. On average, this odorless, tasteless, and invisible gas kills more than 400 people across the country every year.

Masters Heating & Cooling, your Fort Wayne, IN heating and air authority, reminds everyone we are now in the time of peak danger for carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s absolutely critical to check your CO detectors to make sure they are working correctly. If you don’t have carbon monoxide detectors, now is the time to buy and install them. Just remember, there are guidelines that need to be followed to fully protect your family.

There should be at least one detector on every level of your home, including one located close to every bedroom so the alarm can be heard clearly. Homes with an attached garage should have a detector inside the house near the door to the garage. An engine left running in an attached garage can quickly fill the home with carbon monoxide.

Master can also help with the other half of the equation, which is doing everything possible to keep carbon monoxide out of your home. Any fuel-burning device creates carbon monoxide, which is why it’s critical you schedule routine maintenance by an expert Masters technician. Our trained professionals can make sure your furnace, boiler, or hot water heater is working correctly to assure safety. A tune-up includes checking the combustion process to determine if the fuel is burning efficiently and that any carbon monoxide generated is vented to the outside. The technician can also test the air for the presence of any CO gas.

Make sure there are no tragic headlines involving your family this winter. Now is the time to call the HVAC experts for Fort Wayne, IN, Masters Heating & Cooling to schedule maintenance on all of your fuel burning devices, and to make sure your home is protected by the proper carbon monoxide detectors and monitors.


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