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Energy Savings Agreement

Today, we are going to talk about two of our favorite things: saving our Fort Wayne, Decatur, Angola, Mishawaka and Indianapolis area customers as much money as possible, and keeping their heating and cooling systems running at peak efficiency. Raise your hands, how many of you want to save as much money as you can on your utility bills? I’m assuming that everyone reading has their hands in the air, so we will move on to favorite thing number 2, which is how your friends at Masters Heating & Cooling can help you do this.

Your home’s HVAC system consumes a lot of energy. Some systems may gobble up more juice than others, depending on a few variables. The age of the system, the make and model. How much energy your system can use is also dependent on how well it is running. Is it operating at peak efficiency? One way you can make sure it is functioning at its highest level is by making sure you perform regular maintenance on your system. This is sometimes hard to stay on top of, so Masters has made it easier for our customers to keep on a regular maintenance program with our Energy Savings Agreement (ESA). Annual tune-ups included in the ESA will keep your system in tip-top shape and will save you money on your annual utility costs. If you do need repairs big or small, your agreement entitles you to big savings.

Here are the membership benefits you get when you sign up for our ESA:

  • 17-point Heating System Tune-Up
  • 17-point Air Conditioning System Tune-Up
  • Priority Service
  • Same Day Replacements on Parts
  • Combustion Analysis
  • Carbon Monoxide Testing
  • Longer Equipment Life
  • Increased Comfort and Efficiency
  • 15% Savings on Repairs (Parts & Labor)
  • One-year Warranty on Repairs

These services alone could potentially save you thousands of dollars, plus you get the added benefit of our professionally licensed service technicians keeping an eye out for potential problems. So how much money will an ESA maintenance agreement save you? Call Masters today to find out how you can sign up for an ESA payment plan for less than $20 per month and enjoy peace of mind knowing your system is in good hands!