HVAC Replacement: Is It Time?

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HVAC Replacement: Is It Time?

We all know that our home’s air conditioner is one of the most – if not THE MOST – important components of the property. A quality AC unit will keep your home climate controlled in the heat of summer, which is coming quickly to the Midwest.

Here at Masters Heating & Cooling, Inc., we have been providing superior HVAC service to the Indiana communities of Fort Wayne, Angola, Decatur, Greenwood, Mishawaka and Indianapolis for nearly four decades. We know the importance of being able to depend on a sturdy and reliable air conditioner and that’s why we carry a full line of Carrier AC models. There are plenty of different AC brands – and our air conditioning technicians are licensed and certified to service them all – but there is a reason why we offer Carrier.

Longer Unit Lifespan

Carrier air conditioners are known for lasting longer than most air conditioners, with a life expectancy of anywhere from 12-15 years. That’s the low end! With regular maintenance, a Carrier AC may last you 20+ years. So, be sure to give us a call today to find out about Masters’ Energy Savings Agreement maintenance plan. Membership includes annual air conditioning tune-up, priority service and discounts on parts and labor.

Energy Efficiency

If an HVAC replacement is what you need, checking out all the different brands is a good idea as all come with their specific set of benefits. A new system will be more energy efficient and will do a better job of cooling and heating your home. We feel confident that our Carrier models will stand up with any of them.

Resale Value

One of the benefits of system replacement is it can enhance the value of a home. Whether you are purchasing a new home or getting ready to sell yours, the age and efficiency of the air conditioner is always something to consider. A new or newer air conditioner is enticing to a potential buyer, though it must be noted that, generally speaking, sellers will not recoup all of the expenditure of a new system in the sale. Therefore, replacing it just because you are immediately selling is not good reasoning.

However, replacing your AC unit because it is nearing the end of its lifespan and you are planning to sell your home, is a good reason; you can enjoy the benefits of a newer system for a few years and it will still hold its value when you list your home.

So, if you have the reached the point of HVAC replacement, give your friends at Masters a call today. We will conduct an analysis of your home and determine your system needs…and then we can help you decide on which Carrier AC is best for your home. Please visit us on Facebook and Twitter!