Masters Helps Local Student Take First Career Step

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Masters Helps Local Student Take First Career Step

“It was a life-changing experience.” Those are the words of 17-year-old Sean Silvers who recently completed an internship with Masters Heating & Cooling. He worked with our install teams in the Indianapolis office and Sean hopes it will be the first step toward a career as an HVAC technician.

A senior at Emmerich Manual High School, Silvers has long had his eye on the heating and cooling industry. While growing up a friend’s Dad advised him to work in the industry because everyone needs to heat and cool their homes and businesses.

It was good advice. Study after study and article after article documents the shortage of skilled workers in HVAC and many other skilled trades. The result is a great career opportunity for young people like Sean. They can find rewarding work with good pay and benefits without the crushing student loan debt so prevalent for traditional college students.

For Sean, the internship was invaluable. He says he not only learned many of the basic work skills of HVAC technicians, but also learned the value of good customer service. He now knows the importance of being able to serve and communicate with people while working in their homes.

There is no single path to a career in the heating and cooling industry. For Sean it started when he heard many classmates in high school were doing job shadowing days. He took the initiative to contact Masters. The job shadow with one of our veteran technicians led to the summer internship opportunity. After Sean’s impressive internship the plan is for him to join our team full time following his graduation.

Many others will go to a trade or vocational school. Sean says he’s already concentrated on technical skills while in high school and believes on the job training at Masters will be more valuable than more work in the classroom.

Sean’s story is just one example of how an opportunity can help young people choose the right path in life. When talking about the internship he says, “Where I live lots of my peers go in the wrong direction, including some who turn to crime. This is a great way to change your life.”

If you want to change your life, Masters is always looking for men and women who are willing to work hard and learn. In return, you will receive a competitive salary and full benefits. Whether your goal is to buy a house and raise your own family or simply to enjoy some nice things in your life, a job at Masters can help those wishes come true. Learn more and apply now on our website.