The Importance of Your Air Conditioning Condensate Drain

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The Importance of Your Air Conditioning Condensate Drain

There is a myriad of components of your home’s HVAC system that fall under the category of unsung heroes. Certainly near the top of the list is your air conditioner’s condensate drain. The condensate drain removes the moisture – condensate – that is taken from the air when your air conditioner cools your home. When It is operating properly, you won’t notice anything other than a pipe of some sort on the outside of your home with a slow drip. When it fails, well, take it from your friends at Masters Heating & Cooling; you don’t want that to happen.


The condensate drain system generally operates like this. A condensate drain pain is situated beneath the evaporator coils of the indoor unit. As the condensate is collected in the pan it is funneled into a pipe – normally PVC to eliminate rust – that is routed through an exterior wall, where it can drain outside. Also, many systems operate with a condensate pump, which removes the condensate from the evaporator coil directly to a drain line without collecting in a pan. It may then be pumped outside of the home. As we said before, there should be a white PVC pipe running down an exterior wall – or a drain built into a wall that is connected to the condensate line – and it should be slowly dripping when the AC is running. If it is not, there may be a block or stoppage somewhere in the condensate drain system.


If your condensate drain system is not working properly, it can have a ripple effect on other components of the HVAC system. The overall efficiency and life expectancy of the main system can be affected. But the most significant damage caused by a condensate drain failure is caused by water that may accumulate and overflow in the drain pan. Some pans are made of metal that can rust over time, as well. Either way, the drain pan is usually located within the home and any kind of water leakage can cause serious damage. You can manually check the condensate line for blockage and can also inspect the drain pan if it is easily accessible. However, the best way to ensure that your condensate drain system – and your AC in general – is working correctly is to schedule regular maintenance with licensed HVAC professionals.


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