10 Myths About Geothermal Heating and Cooling

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10 Myths About Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Geothermal energy is a viable alternative to normal HVAC systems and features many benefits, including energy efficiency, utilization of a renewable energy source and a reduced carbon footprint. Geothermal heating and cooling involves a series of loops buried beneath the earth’s surface – at a depth where the soil’s temperature remains constant – which circulate liquid heated/cooled by the earth and returned to the home’s air handler for distribution. Masters Heating & Cooling, Inc. is always happy to help our customers learn more about heating and cooling options and new technology, so read on as we dispel some myths about geothermal heating and cooling.


  1. Geothermal installation requires a big yard. Fact: Not completely true, as some geothermal loop systems can be buried in a vertical pattern.
  2. Geothermal doesn’t work in cold climates. Fact: Geothermal systems work fine in cooler climates as long as they are sized and installed properly. Remember, the earth’s temperature at 15 feet remains at a constant temperature
  3. Geothermal heat pumps are noisy. Fact: Actually, the systems run much quieter than normal HVAC equipment because there is no outdoor unit noise.
  4. Geothermal systems put potentially harmful refrigerant lines in the ground. Fact: Most geothermal systems only use water in the loops.
  5. Geothermal is too expensive to install. Fact: It’s true that geothermal heating and cooling was once only affordable by the wealthy. But new technology and various local, state and federal tax incentives are making it more affordable.
  6. Geothermal is not renewable because it uses electricity. Fact: Yes, it does use electrical power, but only one unit of power to relocate as much as five units of energy to your home.
  7. Geothermal systems don’t last very long. Fact: The exact opposite is actually true as loop systems in the ground can last for decades. And the heat exchange equipment is indoors and is protected from the wear and tear that outdoor equipment is subjected to.
  8. Geothermal systems only heat, not cool. Fact: A geothermal system has the ability to cool your home as well as heat it by reversing the heat exchange process. In other words, instead of returning warmed air into the home, the system removes warm air in the home and replaces it with air cooled by the cooled water circulating in the loops.
  9. Geothermal can’t be retrofitted into an existing home. Fact: Sure it can, if the home has an existing ductwork system. 
  10. Geothermal systems require too much maintenance. Fact: Geothermal systems are designed to require as little maintenance as possible and – like we said before – the main components are protected either underground or indoors. In fact, unless there is a noticeable problem, it is recommended that the system only needs inspection every five years. Of course, keep those air filters changed regularly!


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