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4 Things You Must Know about Your First Home’s Comfort System

for saleIt’s important for homeowners to understand important facts about their home’s comfort systems, and this is especially true for new homeowners and buyers of first homes. When searching for the right home to buy, the heating and cooling system should play a big part in making a final decision. It’s not always easy to find the right house, and sometimes hidden costs crop up that are unexpected and unplanned.

Paying for comfort systems, equipment, and service is often one of those hidden costs that may not surface until months or even years after the purchase of a home. If you’re looking at buying a new home, it’s important to consider some things like the age and the quality of the home’s comfort system in order to avoid unnecessary and unforeseen expenses. Here are some things to consider when looking at a home’s heating and air conditioning system:

Furnace and Outdoor A/C Unit

Be sure to take a look at the furnace as well as the outdoor cooling system at the home you intend to buy. Look to make sure you don’t see any water marks, rust or other signs of decay. In addition, take a listen for a few minutes as each system runs and ensure that you don’t hear any strange or loud noises, which may point to faulty installation, a broken component, or old age.

Be sure that you ask the owner for maintenance records, and review notes made by service technicians. If the A/C or heat pump was installed more than a decade ago, and if the furnace is more than 15 years old, it will need to soon be replaced. If the units are old or in disrepair, discuss replacement options with your realtor and see if it’s possible to negotiate a lower selling price or have the seller replace the unit before you purchase the home.

Air Ducts

You’ll also want to make an effort to take a look at the ducts in the basement or attic. Look for rust, loose connections, condensation, and gaps where the air ducts connect to each other. If you do spy any of these issues with the duct work, keep in mind that making repairs is a low-cost project that can make a big difference in your heating and cooling bills.


Insulation is another big factor to consider when purchasing a home. It’s a key component of a home’s ability to keep the outdoor air out and the indoor air in. As you walk through the home, pay attention to the temperature in different rooms. Do you feel any drafts or drastic temperature changes? In these areas, insulation may be less than adequate. If additional insulation is needed, it can be a costly repair to complete.


Make sure that you personally inspect the seals around all of the doors and windows to make sure they are tightly sealed. Is there mold on any window sills? Do the windows appear to have a foggy film over any of them, or do they have trapped condensation in between the window panes? These are all signs of broken seals and opportunities for air to escape (or intrude).

The comfort system that comes with the purchase of a new home is an investment in your future, and you’ll want to make sure that future is as protected as possible. All of the above issues effect how your system runs, how long it lasts, and how much you will pay to run it. By looking at 4 important features of comfort systems – the furnace and outdoor A/C unit, the ducts, the insulation and the seals of the home’s doors and windows – you’ll gain an important advantage in avoiding unexpected expenses in the future.

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