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Is your house haunted with hot and cold spots?

Last day for CMIP

Don’t let the Halloween ghosts and goblins lead to a conversation like this in your home: “Oh look honey. Isn’t that cute. Little Becky has dressed up like the Abominable Snowman for Halloween.” Leading Becky to say, with a slight hint of exasperation, “I’m all bundled up because it’s freezing in my room!”

Hot and cold spots are a real problem in many homes. Halloween is a great time to find the gremlins causing the problem in your home. Call Masters Heating & Cooling because they are the HVAC ghostbusters for Fort Wayne, Angola, Decatur, Greenwood, Indianapolis and all points in between. The top priority for our Masters technicians is to find the cause, or else you could be throwing good money after bad.

Maybe the monster causing the uneven heating or cooling is hiding in the ductwork. Leaky ducts, or uninsulated ducts, can rob your heating and cooling systems of efficiency. In some cases, the ductwork design may be limiting air flow to certain rooms. These are all problems our Masters can solve for you.

It’s also possible your heating and cooling systems are just a ghost of what they used to be, making your home uncomfortable. If another company has told you it’s time to replace your furnace or air conditioner, don’t just take their word for it. Masters can put your mind at ease with a free second opinion to make sure that prognosis is correct.

Replacing a home comfort system doesn’t have to be a spooky experience. Right now Trane, the industry leader in toughness and reliability, has a special replacement offer. Call Masters now to find out how much money you can save.  

So please, don’t make little Becky stay bundled up like Abominable Snowman after Halloween just to stay warm. Call Masters Heating & Cooling now and we will make sure your home is no longer haunted by hot and cold spots.

And remember, Halloween, October 31, is the last day for the Catch Me In Pink™ campaign so call and schedule your service now. When you post your photo with our Masters employees wearing their pink shirts, we will make a donation to aid in the fight against breast cancer. When the photo is posted, you will be entered for a weekly prize as well as a national prize of a Caribbean vacation.

“The men were efficient, careful, and persistent on detail to make sure everything was correct.”
“Great experience getting the A/Cs installed.”
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