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Air Conditioning Not Cooling? Try These HVAC Troubleshooting Tips

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June is here, and with it comes summertime temperatures. Is your air conditioning system ready for the increased workload? You can be sure it is if you give us a call today and schedule a preventative maintenance summer tune-up. But if your system is not keeping you comfortable, you can always perform some HVAC troubleshooting to help diagnose the problem.

If your system will not turn on or if the air conditioner is not cooling your house the way you want it to, try these helpful tips:

  • Check out your thermostat first. Is it set to A/C? Is it on auto? Double-check the temperature, verify that the thermostat is set to the A/C and on positions. If your system still won’t operate function properly, you could have a bad thermostat.
  • Ensure that your system is getting power. Has the breaker been tripped on the outside condensing unit or has the emergency switch on the blower inside been turned off accidentally? If the breaker is tripped, try manually resetting it. If it trips again, call Masters Heating & Cooling and let our qualified technicians take a look before you try to reset it again.
  • Is there ice or heavy condensation on your refrigeration line? If so, your system is freezing up and could be low on refrigerant or have a refrigerant leak. First, call us for immediate service, then turn the system off at the thermostat and put it in fan mode. This will help thaw out your system prior to our arrival; our service technicians cannot work on units if they are frozen.
  • Cleaning or changing your system’s air filter is always a smart, easy way to troubleshoot your system as well as help system efficiency and air quality.

If you are still having problems, give Masters a call. Remember: regular maintenance is critical to keeping your system in top shape.

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