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As Kids Head Back To School, Tune-Up Your HVAC System


Family vacations have been taken, baseball seasons have been played and summer days are numbered. It’s time for the kids to head back to school, which means plenty of families are scrambling to get organized for a new school year and the changing of the season. During this busy time, it’s also important to remember that your home’s heating and air conditioning system needs your attention as well.

Our HVAC seasonal maintenance advice will come in handy, but first here are few tips to make the transition from summer break to a new school year a smooth one:

  • Be smart when shopping for school supplies and clothes. Take advantage of savings opportunities as much as possible.
  • Schedule time to speak with teachers. Establish open communication with teachers and support staff before classes begin.
  • Check your kid’s immunization records and make sure they are up-to-date. Find out if your kids meet your school’s requirements for vaccinations and sports physicals for athletic participation.
  • Make time for sleep time. All the experts agree on this: a good night’s sleep is essential to a successful school day. Your preschooler needs 11-12 hours of sleep a night, school-age children need a minimum of 10 hours, while teenagers need 9-10 hours.

Back-to-school also means the change of seasons is coming, so your home’s heating and air conditioning system is due for a check-up. Making sure your HVAC system is clean, charged and operating at peak efficiency will save you money on utility bills and help maintain your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ). Monitoring your home’s IAQ is important as fall allergies approach and can also help fight off inevitable  germs make the trip home from school with your kids. An easy and inexpensive way to help IAQ is to replace your system’s air filter on a regular basis. Another option for ensuring IAQ could be a whole-home air filtration system, which is installed on your system and provides round-the-clock air treatment.

Call your friendly professionals at Masters Heating & Cooling to schedule a back-to-school tune-up today and you’ll be prepared for the change of seasons.

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