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The Best Father’s Day Gift: Control of the Thermostat

Masters_AC_fathers_daySpring may be a time in your household when the feud over control of the thermostat dwindles a bit, with temperatures outdoors being relatively mild and pleasant. However, with summer upon us and air conditioning in Decatur and surrounding areas prepared to work hard, chances are good that the fight for temperature control will certainly heat up. Who controls the thermostat in your home? Do you and your spouse battle over the setting regularly?

Thermostat wars aren’t particularly uncommon amongst married couples, reports  In fact, 25% of couples admit to arguing over the setting of the thermostats in their homes. In addition, 44% of women in a survey admit to turning up the heat when their husbands weren’t looking, and 42% of men said they turn down the heat when their wives were out of sight.

Why the widespread disagreement between men and women over temperature? There are actually several reasons for this, ranging from hormones and activity level to pure diet and physiology. For example, women have sensors on their skin that are twice as sensitive to temperature than the sensors on men’s skin, which means women are more sensitive to changes that the thermostat carries out.

The New York Times reports that one study looked at 219 people of all ages and found that females averaged a higher core body temperature than males, but also had colder hand temperatures. Scientists think this may be due to a better ability for women to conserve body heat, which also means less blood flow to extremities and a greater feeling of being cold.

So is there a solution to men and women disagreeing on thermostat settings? Some people have found that installing separate thermostats for different areas of their homes helps somewhat, but it isn’t an ideal solution for many people. For now, other than resorting to women adding on extra layers of clothing or men wearing lighter clothing, there seems to be no clear-cut pathway to peace.

Father’s Day is approaching, however, and perhaps for the one day in June set aside differences to celebrate Dad. He would enjoy a day being able to have free reign of the thermostat. Women, grab some extra thick socks and your sweatshirt and let Dad be King of the Climate for Father’s Day!

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