How Often Should You Change Your AC Filter?
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How Often Should You Change Your Air Conditioner Filter?

Do you feel like your AC filter isn’t as efficient as it used to be?

Have you just invested in a new air conditioning unit, and want to learn more about how you can keep it functioning and in good condition for as long as possible?

Are you trying to evaluate whether you need professional HVAC services, or if you’re dealing with a problem you can handle on your own?

If so, then you need to read this post.

In it, we’re telling you everything you need to know about how often to change air filter systems in your home.

We’ll also fill you in on why it’s so important to do so, and let you know where you can find professional and reliable HVAC services that you can count on.

When Should You Change Your AC Filter?

In general, understanding how often to change air filers will vary according to the size and type of your individual unit.

In some cases, the size of your home or the room you’re trying to cool will also be an influencing factor.

Additionally, the number of people that live in your home, whether or not you have pets, and even the actual indoor air quality may also make a difference.

Still, there are a few general rules.

In most cases, you should aim to switch out your air filter about once every 30 to 60 days. However, if you live in a remote area with low pollution exposure and few occupants, you may be able to get away with changing them about once every three months.

In a vacation home, once or twice a year should be enough.

If you live in a home with people with allergies and pets, once every 20-50 days should suffice.

Signs You Need To Change Your Air Conditioning Filters

Now that you understand a little bit more about how often to change air filter systems in your home let’s take a look at some of the most common signs that it’s time to switch out your AC filter.

Remember that changing your filter helps to lower your heating and cooling bills, prevent the spread of pet dander and other bacteria in your home, and can even ensure that your allergies don’t get the best of you!

In short: make sure that you don’t ignore these signs.

1. Your AC Bill Has Skyrocketed

Of course, one of the clearest — and most likely to cause you to spring into action — signs of a clogged AC filter is a sudden spike in your monthly bills.

Essentially, your filter has become so clogged that it needs to consume twice as much energy to do the same job as before. Remember that your A/C filters work day in and day out to trap dust, pollen, pet hair, dirt, and much more.

Over time, it’s only natural that it’s simply going to become too full of these pollutants to function properly.

This debris actually prevents the airflow from reaching the rest of your home — and they can also end up being knocked loose by a clogged filter. This means that allergens and dust can quickly be spread around your home (yuck.)

Especially if you have older people, young children, or simply people with weakened immune systems living in your home, this is something that you need to take seriously.

Remember that your AC filter doesn’t just tackle dirt and debris. It also prevents mold spores from being spread throughout the home.

Given the many health risks of mold in your residence, we think it’s essential that you keep your air filter as effective as possible.

2. It’s Hot In Your Home

Have you realized that your home’s temperature has been way hotter than usual lately?

Even though you’ve cranked up the AC unit to the max, are you still just not seeing the kinds of cooling down that you and your family desperately need?

You may also notice that the temperature is seriously uneven in your home — or even in your individual rooms.

For example, maybe one corner of your living room is nice and cool, but the other side (especially if it’s near a window) doesn’t seem to be getting any AC at all.

Remember, it’s next to impossible for clogged filters to properly and evenly distribute that cool air throughout your home — so switch it out ASAP.

However, it’s also important to keep in mind that clogged HVAC air filters may not be the only reason for the hotter temperatures in your residence. In some cases, you may have cracks in your windows, doors, and walls that are allowing cool air to filter out and warm air to get in.

Make sure that the problem truly is with your filter or HVAC unit before you call in a professional.

Is It Time To Change Your AC Filter?

We hope that this post has helped you to better understand not only how often you should change your AC filter, but also why it’s important.

Remember to keep your eye out for uneven temperatures, a lack of cool air in the home, or even suddenly high energy bills. These are all likely signs that it’s time to switch out your HVAC air filters.

Of course, old and dirty A/C filters aren’t the only potential problems when it comes to your HVAC units.

If you suspect that you might be dealing with a more serious problem, you need professional help, maintenance, and inspections.

That’s where we come in.

We invite you to spend some time on our website to learn more about the HVAC services we have to offer. When you’re ready, feel free to get in touch with us to schedule a service appointment.

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