7 Common Heating Issues In Indiana Homes

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7 Common Heating Issues In Indiana Homes

7 Common Heating Issues for Indiana Homeowners

Preventative heating maintenance is key if you want your heating system to run consistently and efficiently in your Indiana home. The best plans go awry sometimes, and even with regular furnace tune-ups, heating repairs or system replacements are necessary.

Masters Heating & Cooling has been going the distance for homeowners in Fort Wayne, Decatur, Angola and the Indianapolis area since 1980. We have trained HVAC technicians with the expertise to handle heating repairs that are too risky or complicated for homeowners to manage on their own. When your old furnace needs upgraded, count on Masters to provide the perfect solution for your needs.

Some heating challenges, however, can easily be addressed by most people, such as:

  • Changing Air Filters – A clean air filter is vital for your furnace to keep up with the demands of maintaining the comfort level you desire. Without good, clean air flowing to  your furnace, at a minimum there’s a risk of needing a repair and at worst you may be headed for a cracked heat exchanger.
  • Checking Thermostats – Sometimes sensors on thermostats get dirty or are in the wrong place, like directly in the sunlight. Quick adjustments and cleaning the sensors may be all that’s needed.
  • No Heat – There’s a wide range of causes for no heat, but a simple fix could be a tripped breaker that needs reset or gas has been accidentally switched off.

Other heating issues should be attended to by a trained professional, including:

  • Loud Banging, Clunking or Popping – Furnaces often make a low humming sound. If you hear usual or loud noises, call Masters Heating & Cooling for a comprehensive inspection. Cracked heat exchangers, belt issues or a broken blower may be the cause.
  • Furnace Maintenance – Neglecting regular furnace tune-ups causes many of the heating issues encountered by homeowners, but this task should always be handled by an HVAC technician for safety and warranty purposes.
  • Gas Leaks or Ignition Repairs – Mishandling either of these situations can have serious consequences. Call a reputable company like Masters Heating & Cooling right away.
  • Complete furnace replacements – If you need an upgrade to have a more efficient system or because your furnace has died, this is a job for a qualified furnace install team.

For these heating issues or any heating repair, Masters Heating & Cooling is the company to call anywhere in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. Schedule your appointment with Masters today!