Hot And Strong: How Frequent Furnace Service Can Keep Your System From Wearing Out Quickly
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Hot And Strong: How Frequent Furnace Service Can Keep Your System From Wearing Out Quickly

One Of The Most Expensive Home Emergencies Happens When Your Furnace Kicks The Bucket. Here’s How Furnace Service Can Help Your System From Wearing Out.

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Indianapolis is in for a brutal winter ahead! Experts are predicting the Midwest will experience higher-than-average snow levels this year. They’re even calling for bitter cold, subzero temperatures come February.

Conditions aren’t so bad in Indianapolis now. But some folks have already caved this year and turned up their thermostats. And once Old Man Winter blows into full effect, all types of household mishaps are bound to happen.

A broken furnace is among the worst of these mishaps. But you can prevent yours from breaking with the help of a routine furnace service. Here’s how!

When Was The Last Time You Had Your Furnace Checked?

Even if your furnace currently works fine, that doesn’t mean it’ll make it through the rest of winter. The slightest weakness in the system can snowball into a bigger problem. All it takes is one freezing night to wreak total havoc, leaving you out in the cold.

During a routine service, your technician will inspect and tune-up your system. They’ll then check to see that everything is operating safely and efficiently. If something isn’t, they’ll repair it.

Lower Energy Bills

You may be diligent about saving money and staying warm in the winter. Despite all that effort, does your heating bill seem to get higher and higher each winter?

When your furnace doesn’t operate efficiently, it causes the system to have to work harder. This is what often leads to higher energy and fuel bills, and there could be a few underlying reasons why.

If the air filter is dirty, for example, it causes dust and debris to clog up the system. When this happens, the air is not able to travel into people’s homes. This is what causes so many homeowners to feel they have to turn up their thermostats.

When furniture blocks the air registers, it can also block warm air from coming in. If the air registers are dirty, this can happen as well.

How to Clean Your Furnace

A clean furnace will prevent your furnace from wearing out faster. During your routine furnace service, your technician will fully clean the system. They’ll clean everything from the blower assembly to the heat exchange block.

You can stay proactive by changing the filter every 3 months. Doing so will prevent bacteria from spreading into your home.

You should dust the air registers and vents throughout your home, too. You can dust the exterior of the heat exchange block. Otherwise, leave cleaning the internal area to the professionals (it can be hazardous).

Stay Safe & Prolong The Life Of Your Furnace

There’s a lot more to a routine checkup than cleaning. Your furnace technician will also check:

  • For leaks/blockages
  • For corrosion/cracks
  • The thermostat & safety controls
  • Electrical connections

They’ll also perform tests that check how certain components are working. By tuning up anything that’s amiss, they’ll not only prolong the life of your furnace. They’ll prevent things like carbon monoxide leaks and fires from starting.

During a furnace check-up, your technician will also check the pilot light.

If the pilot light doesn’t work properly, it’ll stop burning blue and will turn a different color. You can check the pilot light throughout the winter and check its color. If it’s ever not blue, call a heating technician.

Schedule Your Furnace Service Today

It’s not officially winter. But winter tends to visit the Midwest early, and in many ways, it’s already here.

No Hoosier should have to brave out the brutal side to Old Man Winter because of a broken furnace. To schedule your routine furnace service, contact us today!

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