Repair or Replace Your HVAC System?

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Repair or Replace Your HVAC System?

Last week in this blog, we talked about warning signs that your furnace may be in need of maintenance, repair or even replacement. These signs included: yellow instead of blue burner flame, frequent repairs, weird noises, thermostat issues, humidity and dust problems and others. Masters Heating & Cooling Inc. is ready to answer your call and we can quickly help you determine how to resolve your heating system repair and particular furnace issue. 


Taking care of your furnace begins and ends with regular HVAC maintenance. Annual inspections and tune-ups will keep your furnace operating properly and efficiently and will extend its lifespan. A great way to keep up with regular maintenance and ensure it is taken care of by professionals is to sign up for our Energy Savings Agreement maintenance plan. Benefits include: an annual 17-point precision furnace tune-up, 15 percent discount on parts and labor and priority scheduling. Call today for more info and get peace of mind about your system’s durability and reliability. 


Many times, a repair is all your system needs to get back to work. If so, that is the best news. Sometimes, though, the only viable solution can be a heating system replacement. This could be because of a variety of reasons – which we will discuss – but hopefully you are not being forced to make this call during an emergency breakdown situation. One of the first things you need to determine is: is it too costly for me to keep this current system? Here’s a few factors which can help you answer that question:

  • Repair bills. Is an HVAC repairman a frequent visitor to your home? If so, those repair bills are likely mounting. A good standard to remember is if the repairs are near or exceed 50 percent of the cost to replace it…. replace it.
  • Inefficient technology. Replacing your aging heating system with a new one also means upgrading from outdated technology to the latest and greatest. You will immediately enjoy new smart features and increased efficiency that will save you big bucks on utility bills.

More reasons to consider replacement over repair:

  • Older is not better. Furnaces usually last 10-15 years, so if yours is more than 10 years old, its performance and efficiency will likely decline.
  • Utility and manufacturer’s rebates/credits. Many utility companies will offer rebates for homeowners who replace aging systems with more energy-efficient systems. Also, most manufacturers offer rebate promotions at various times throughout the year. Both can help offset the upfront cost of a new heating system.
  • Smaller energy footprint. Are you concerned with the impact your old system may be having on our environment? If so, you will be happy to know that the energy footprint of newer, more efficient systems will be significantly lower than your outdated system.


Masters is proud of our commitment to the Fort Wayne, Decatur, Angola, Indianapolis, Greenwood, and Mishawaka, IN communities and have 40 years of service under our belts to prove it. If you think your system may need replacement, call us today to find out more about our complete line of Carrier options… and don’t forget to follow us on social media!