What Size Hot Dawg Heater Do I Need for My Garage?

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What Size Hot Dawg Heater Do I Need for My Garage?

What Size Hot Dawg Heater Do I Need for My Garage?

Do you have a garage or other outbuilding you’d like to use comfortably all year round? What about those cherished plants or vegetables that thrive in a temperate environment? If either of these scenarios resonate with you, Masters Heating & Cooling has the perfect heating solution for you.

Infrared heating is unique in that the air is not heated. Rather, thermal energy heats objects through electromagnetic waves within the infrared area. Infrared heating is very economical, energy efficient and convenient. Infrared heaters can be powered by either natural or propane gas or electricity. 

Modine, well-known among infrared heater manufacturers, offers the Hot Dawg™ heater for specific use in commercial, industrial and residential settings. They are available in 6 different model sizes and range from 30,000 – 125,000 BTUs, providing many great options to meet individual homeowner’s needs.

Winters in the Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Decatur areas tend to range from very chilly to downright frigid. More than that, our average seasonal temperatures are always on the cooler side, meaning that having heat on demand in our extra outdoor or garage spaces is a great way to fully maximize any home investment. 

Since Hot Dawg™ has an array of sizes available, what determines the size needed to adequately heat an area?

Aside from the overall square footage of the space, several factors are considered when determining the size Hot Dawg™ heater you need for your space, including:

  • What materials make up the walls, roof and floor?
  • What room temperature are you seeking, on average?
  • Is the space insulated? If so, what is the R-value?
  • How many windows and doors, and what are the locations and dimensions of each?
  • Will the space need to be heated continuously or intermittently?

For more information about how a Hot Dawg™ heater could be the perfect solution for your infrared heating needs, contact Masters Heating & Cooling. One of our trained Comfort Specialists will evaluate your current circumstances and offer options that best meet your needs and budget.

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