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fall allergies

Your throat is scratchy, your eyes are itchy and watery, and you have sneezed 38 times in the past two hours. Sounds like you are in the throes of fall allergy season, my friend. And here in the Fort Wayne, Decatur, Angola, Greenwood, Mishawaka, and Indianapolis areas, that means the ragweed pollen count is likely off the charts. You can also rest assured that mold and other airborne particles are deviously conspiring to make you miserable.

So, other than visiting your family physician for medicinal relief, what can you do to battle fall allergies? More specifically – because we know we can’t clean the outside air – what can you do to make sure the air in your home is allergen free?

Your friends at Masters Heating & Cooling have the answers to those questions, and it all hinges on making your indoor air quality (IAQ) the best it can be. That means proper air filtration, starting with making sure your HVAC system air filters are regularly inspected, cleaned and replaced. This is the easiest thing you can do—and it is very helpful, but it may not be enough. That’s why we recommend exceptional air filtration products that can turn your home into an allergy-free zone. These IAQ options include:

  • Electric air purification. We offer a complete line of Carrier electric air purifiers that strip the air free of bacteria, mold spores and other nasty allergens.
  • Whole-home humidifiers. Maintaining proper humidity levels in your home can be crucial to killing germs and viruses that thrive in a drier climate. Check out our fine AprilAire humidifiers and accessories.
  • Ultraviolet lighting systems. When it comes time to battle the super-bad germs and bacteria that is trying to take over your home, UV lighting is the way to go. We are proud to feature Carrier’s line of germicidal UV lights, which aggressively attack and kill active mold spores and other germs which are festering within the coils of your system.

Seasonal allergies are literally nothing to sneeze at. Allergens and bacteria are constantly trying to invade your home and threaten the overall health and comfort of your family. Even though winter usually signals the end of allergy season, these germs can still take up residence in your home. Call us today for more information on our allergy season solutions and know that Masters gets there faster! And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.