New Federal Tax Credits Make Replacing Your Furnace Easier

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New Federal Tax Credits Make Replacing Your Furnace Easier

New Federal Tax Credits Make Replacing Your Furnace Easy

No one wants to be without heat during an Indiana winter. When the temperatures drop, or the weather is snowy or icy, your family’s comfort and safety are paramount. 

Unfortunately, furnaces fail regardless of overall economic conditions, inflation or increases in the cost of living. Whether you need a complete heating system overhaul, a furnace or heat pump replacement or any other home comfort improvement, Masters Heating & Cooling can provide the help you need

While it seemed that some energy tax credits and incentives were ending by 2022, the passage of the Residential Clean Energy Credit extended the benefits through 2034. Add in Masters’ financing options, with approved credit, and a new furnace may be more affordable than you think.

What do tax credits mean for the average homeowner?

Masters Heating & Cooling is glad you asked. The revision and longevity of energy tax credits means you can replace your heating system or your inefficient furnace and likely receive money back from the federal government for doing so, depending on the options you choose. The additions to the list of items qualifying for tax credits are other clean energy sources including geothermal ground source heat pumps as well as traditional heat pumps, within specific guidelines. 

Masters Heating & Cooling sells a variety of heating solutions such as boilers, ductless mini-splits, furnaces and even geothermal. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledge Comfort Specialists. Once your home has been evaluated and your needs taken into consideration, you will be provided options from which to choose that work with your household budget.

Take advantage of the revised tax credit mandates, financing and the wide array of heating products and services we offer. You may even qualify for a rebate now and will continue to reap the benefits of energy cost savings for the future. 

To learn more, call Masters Heating & Cooling today.