Reasons Your Mini Split System Isn’t Cooling
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Commons Reasons Why Your Mini-Split System Isn’t Cooling

Reasons Your Mini Split System Isn’t Cooling

During the summer months in Indianapolis, IN, having a mini-split system that’s running at its best is important for the homeowners who have one. Since June, July and August tend to be the most humid months for Fort Wayne, Indianapolis and the Greenwood areas, a mini-split that is not cooling well, is just not cool. Masters Heating & Cooling has gone the distance for our clients since 1980. Your total comfort is important to us. If your mini-split needs attention, the only call to make is to Masters to schedule one of our skilled technicians for a mini-split repair

Aside from keeping inside temperatures at a comfortable level, your AC system also helps keep indoor humidity in check. When your mini-split isn’t cooling well or at all, there are several reasons why, such as:

  1. Incorrect temperature settings: If your mini-split is not set to a low enough temperature, it will not cool your space effectively. Make sure the temperature setting is set low enough to reach your desired temperature.
  2. Dirty air filters: A clogged air filter can reduce airflow, making it difficult for the mini-split to cool the room effectively. You should check and clean the air filters regularly.
  3. Low refrigerant levels: If your mini-split is low on refrigerant, it will not be able to cool your space effectively. Call Masters Heating & Cooling to schedule a mini-split repair.
  4. Blocked outdoor unit: Your mini-split’s outdoor unit should be free of debris and other obstructions to ensure efficient operation. Be sure to clear away anything that is blocking air-flow, including landscaping materials and plants. 
  5. Faulty compressor: A faulty compressor can result in reduced cooling performance. A trained Masters HVAC technician can inspect your mini-split and repair the compressor quickly to get your system back on track.

In summary, if your mini-split is not cooling effectively, it could be due to several factors. To get your mini-split operating at its best, contact Masters Heating & Cooling to schedule a mini-split repair or maintenance, if your unit has not been thoroughly inspected and cleaned recently. 

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