How HVAC Maintenance Contracts Can Save You Money
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How HVAC Maintenance Contracts Can Save You Money

How HVAC Maintenance Contracts Can Save You Money

HVAC maintenance is necessary to protect one of the most expensive investments you’ll make in your home. Industry experts say that having a trained technician inspect and repair any issues with your heating or cooling system enhances the longevity of the components. More important for your ongoing peace of mind, HVAC equipment manufacturers often require proof of annual seasonal HVAC maintenance (once for heating and once for cooling) to keep their offered warranties valid. The point is, get the most from your HVAC system by giving it the same care and concern you would for any mechanical device you depend on. Most people would not neglect changing the oil in their car and having the tires and other necessary fluids monitored on a regular basis. The same is true for your HVAC system.

If I Invest In An Annual Hvac Maintenance Plan, Will It Save Money In The Long Run?

Spending money upfront for a maintenance plan is a cost-effective way to ensure your heating and cooling equipment provides the greatest level of comfort and will be ready to use when you need it. You’ll have peace of mind knowing the components have been inspected and are safe to operate. Leaks in heat exchangers, for example, can produce deadly carbon monoxide gas, so it’s important to know each piece of the system is good to go.

Just The Facts…

Let’s take a look at practical industry information that confirms investing now in future HVAC maintenance is a smart idea:

  • Statistics indicate 80% of AC and heating equipment failures could likely be avoided if the initial challenges that led to the breakdowns had been discovered and corrected before they became big problems.  Annual HVAC maintenance can do just that.
  • Undercharged refrigerant and dirt on the evaporator coil can cause significant efficiency losses, increasing your overall utility expenses.
  • Annual HVAC maintenance can maximize overall performance, possibly providing as high as 95% of the system’s original efficiency.
  • Industry experts agree that engaging a professional team like Masters Heating & Cooling to inspect your HVAC seasonally, can significantly increase the lifespan of the equipment. At least you’ll be doing all you can to avoid a premature system failure.

Not All HVAC Maintenance Plans Are Equal.

HVAC maintenance is key to protecting your heating and cooling investment, but not all HVAC maintenance plans are the same. When choosing an annual HVAC maintenance plan, look for a comprehensive plan like the Energy Savings Agreement offered by Masters. You’ll get a seasonal comprehensive equipment check, priority service, carbon monoxide testing, and much more!

Don’t take chances with the safety and health of your loved ones. Call Masters Heating & Cooling to learn more about our Energy Savings Agreement and schedule your HVAC maintenance today.

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