Tips To Keep Your Home Cooling Costs Low This Summer
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Tips To Keep Your Home Cooling Costs Low This Summer

Tips to Keep Your Home Cooling Costs Low This Summer

With summer temps regularly reaching “hotter-than-comfortable” levels this summer, you’ll want to make sure that your AC is going to reliably keep you cool during the season. Although it would be great for many of us to just crank down the thermostat and leave it there all summer long, doing so would skyrocket our energy bills and really put some strain on our systems. Following are five tips you can use to keep cool this summer without paying dearly for it when your cooling bills arrive, including switching to a wifi thermostat.

Keep Doors Closed

This may be a challenge if you have small children, who rush outside to play and come back in 15 minutes. Keeping as much of a barrier between the indoors and the outdoors can make a huge difference in how hard your air conditioning unit has to work. In addition, keep doors closed to rooms that are not in use, and close off the vents in those rooms. There is no point cooling them, and you’ll force the cool air to the areas of the home that are being used.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Although ceiling fans don’t actually cool the air, they will help you feel cooler throughout the summer as they circulate the air.  What they do excel at, however, is improving air circulation. Fans can help abate the heat as it moves air through your home. It can force hotter air that has risen, to the ceiling, and back down to be cooled.

Upgrade To A Wifi Thermostat

Have an  air conditioning certified technician install a wifi thermostat in your home. We can install one for you and help you learn how to program it; you need to set the temperature higher when no one is at home, and set the wifi thermostat so that it begins to cool your home about 30 minutes prior to coming home. You can also set your thermostat to a higher temperature during vacation time too, which will save you a lot of money.

Choose The Right Temperature For Your Home

Set your thermostat, or wifi thermostat, for a temperature that makes sense for your home. On average, a good temperature for day and night is 72 degrees and 76 degrees. It’s best to avoid large variations in temperatures because your unit is going to work harder to accommodate temperature swings. If you upgrade to a wifi thermostat or already have one in your home, you can automatically adjust these cooling settings for maximum efficiency.

Schedule An HVAC Inspection Or Tune-up

Have a certified technician in HVAC come and inspect your air conditioning system. Preventative maintenance can keep your cooling costs low and save you money in the future. Your unit can’t function properly or efficiently if it isn’t in good shape, and our certified technicians are trained to detect small problems before they become big problems. Schedule an appointment to repair & service air conditioning and heating units to make sure your unit is in the best, most efficient shape possible.

Finding a balance between staying cool and managing cooling costs doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor! Contact Masters today for all your cooling needs and to make an appointment for your preventive maintenance tune-up, wifi thermostat installations, and other cooling services. 

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