Tips To Keep Your Ac Working Perfectly

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Tips To Keep Your Ac Working Perfectly

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but summer is far from over. That’s why it is just as important at the end of August as it is at the beginning of June to make sure you have air conditioning maintenance and your systems is running as efficiently as possible, while keeping your home climate controlled the way you want it. Masters Heating & Cooling is always ready to answer the call for AC service and repair, but we also want our customers to realize that some simple do-it-yourself maintenance tips can go a long way in helping your AC take care of business.


A air conditioning maintenance by one of our licensed professionals is always recommended, but in-between these visits, here are some useful tips to keep your AC in shape:

  1. Change filters. For those who have read these blogs on a regular basis for any length of time, you know that this is the gospel when it comes to DIY air conditioner maintenance. Changing the filters regularly (at least every 1-2 months) is normally easy and cheap to do and will help keep the airflow unobstructed, allowing your system to run the way it should.
  2. Get Out the Garden Hose. It’s just as important to keep your air conditioner’s outside unit clean and clear of debris as it is the indoor unit. Remove all leaves, dirt and other yard waste from around the condenser unit. Cleaning the coils is a little more involved and will require you to remove the cover, but it is generally not too difficult. Your garden hose is an excellent tool to clean the area around the unit and also spray down the coils. Just be careful not to spray directly at the fins, as they sometimes bend easily. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO SHUT OFF THE POWER TO THE UNIT FIRST.
  3. Inspect/Clear the Condensate Drain Line. Your indoor evaporator/air handler unit removes humidity from the air and removes it via the condensate drain line. Over time, this line can become partially or completely blocked, causing the system to work improperly or – even worse – lead to a backup and water leak in your home. You can inspect the line and clean it out yourself; try flushing it with a cup of bleach, followed by a water rinse.
  4. Program Your Thermostat. This is assuming you have a programmable thermostat. Hint: if not, you should. Set it to run less when you and your family are gone; this can keep your AC from running as long and hard as well as save on your utility bills.
  5. Keep Blinds/Curtains Drawn. During the height of the day, sunlight coming through your windows heats up your home and makes the AC run harder. Keep shades, blinds and curtains drawn to keep the interior of your home as cool as possible.


While the above tips are definitely helpful, nothing replaces a thorough inspection and tune up by a professionally licensed AC technician. Call Masters today or stop by one of our locations above. Remember: Masters gets there faster.