What To Know Before You Replace Your Furnace Heating System
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Furnace Replacement 101: What To Know Before You Replace Your Furnace

Got A Funky Smell Coming Out Of Your Furnace? It Might Be Time For A New One. Here’s Our Guide To Furnace Replacement 101 And What To Know Before You Replace.

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Did you know that heating is 45% of the energy bill in an average American’s home?

Thinking about a furnace replacement but not quite sure? Not to worry! We are going to look at some common issues that crop up with a furnace. You will feel more confident when calling a professional in.

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When To Look Into A Furnace Replacement

If your furnace isn’t combating freezing temperatures at home, you’re ready for a new one. Try not to wait until it fails. Replace it beforehand. Track how old your furnace is and keep an eye on it.

Furnaces tend to last for fifteen to twenty years. Start shopping around when your heater enters that range.

Need some help with more signs? Read the following to find out more.

Your Heating Bill Skyrockets

If one day you come home to a massive heat bill, consider this a warning. Your furnace needs maintenance. Whenever there is a sudden spike in the bill, this is a sign that you might need a new heater.

Check out the previous months to see what the discrepancies are. Look at the amount of energy your furnace uses.

If the bill is rising, but the use of power hasn’t changed, something is wrong. Your furnace’s energy efficiency isn’t working as it should.

Is Your Home Dry And Dusty?

When a furnace is nearing its end, its harder to keep the air clean and moisturized. In winter, the air is cold and dry. If your family members suffer from sinuses and dry skin, it could be due to the air in the house.

If your home’s humidifier is on low, or there are leaks in the house, warm air is going to escape. Does anyone complain about frequent headaches or burning sensations in their eyes? It might be time to replace your furnace.

Old furnaces use air in the home for combustion. The air dries up. This is due to a vacuum sucking up dry air from outside, inside the doors, crevices, and cracks around the house.

A more modern furnace will use outdoor air for combustion. It allows the home to maintain a decent humidity level.

If you notice a lot of dust on your furniture or walls, it might be a sign that your home’s air purifier isn’t working. It also might mean its time for a new heating structure.

Temperature Is Uneven Throughout The House

If the heat is not even throughout the house, this is a sign that your ventilation and heating system isn’t working. The temperature in each room should be the same.

If you are always adjusting the thermostat, this might mean your furnace isn’t working as it should. Your ventilation ducts might need cleaning. Or, your windows and doors should be re-sealed.

Call a professional to take a look at your furnace. It might be a simple fix or you may need to replace it.

Are You Hearing Strange Noises?

Old furnaces make noises. It doesn’t always mean it’s broken. But it’s good to be aware of these noises and notice if some of them are unfamiliar. Rattling, squeaking, and banging show that your furnace is almost at its end.

Is your furnace operating at random? If it’s turning off and on or blowing cold air, you might need to call a professional in to look at it.

Visible Signs Of Rust Around Your Furnace

If you see rust on your furnace or on the floor around it, this is a sign of corrosion on the inside. Your heater might be working a lot harder to heat your home. Rust is not a good sign.

Is The Flame Yellow?

If the flame in your furnace is yellow instead of blue, it could be creating carbon monoxide that is deadly. Call a professional and leave your home right away.

Carbon monoxide is tasteless, colorless, and odorless, making it difficult to detect.

Your furnace might be producing carbon monoxide if there is soot around the furnace. Moisture on the windows and walls or rusting on pipes are also indications.

Do You Repair Your Furnace Often?

If you have had to fix your furnace more than once, you may want to consider buying a new one.

Especially if you must complete the same repair over and over again. It may seem like a lot of money upfront, but it will save you in the long run.

Sometimes your system needs a tune-up. It’s not uncommon to have it maintained and cleaned once a year. But you shouldn’t have to repair it often.

Call a professional in for a safety inspection and furnace cleaning. This will keep your furnace in good working order.

Trouble Starting The Unit

If you have a hard time starting the unit, this is a sign you might need to replace it. Damaged thermostats or disconnected wiring are typical issues. If you replace the problematic area, the issue should disappear. If not, it’s a bigger problem.

Water Leak

If there is a water leak pooling around your furnace, you should call a professional right away. Sometimes, a condensate line’s clogged. A professional with plumbing and HVAC experience can fix this.

A water leak is less dangerous than a gas leak. You need to investigate it. You don’t want to procrastinate with your furnace. Make sure you have it fixed or have it replaced. You want to keep your family safe and warm this winter.

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We hope you found this article helpful. When considering a furnace replacement, look at some of the signs around your furnace. If it’s not regulating temperature well or needs repairs often, you might be ready for a new one.

Want to learn more about furnaces? Contact us today. We would be happy to help.

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