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Do I need acreage to install a geothermal system?

There are several different methods to install a geothermal system. Typically 1 acre is an adequate amount of land to have the most affordable installation.

Does the installation process require major excavation on my yard?

This would depend upon what type of installation you choose and the layout of your property. Many of our clients take this opportunity to make enhancements to their landscaping upon completion.

Does geothermal require preventive maintenance?

Yes, geothermal systems require regular annual maintenance just like any other mechanical system to maintain efficiency and life expectancy.

What is the return on investment for a geothermal system?

This will vary for each user but a geothermal system can typically pay for itself in a few short years; especially with the upfront savings being offered with federal tax incentives through the end of 2016 and manufacturer rebates.


I have an odor when my heating/cooling system comes on. Is this normal?

If you have not had regular maintenance performed, you are most likely smelling dirt burning off. If the smell you are experiencing continues or you have other symptoms, it’s time for service.

Do you offer a maintenance package?

Yes, there are several Energy Savings Agreement packages designed for your heating and cooling systems to maintain their efficiency and longevity.

Do you offer free estimates?

Estimates are cheerfully given, and recommended on all your home’s projects.


When should I use a humidifier or dehumidifier?

A humidification system can remove unwanted humidity, or add humidity to the dry air in your home so that you can breathe and save on energy costs.

How often should I have my ductwork cleaned?

Because ductwork is usually hidden, we rarely think about its condition. Ductwork is the road map to our home’s air ventilation and needs to be inspected for dust particles and debris. Cleaning can improve the air quality in your home so that you and your family are breathing fresh air.

Do you have products to help with allergies?

Poor air quality is a problem for many homeowners, and there are a number of possible pollutants that can exist in your home. The first step in managing your home’s air quality is installing a filtration system on the air handler.


How do I know when my water heater needs to be replaced?

Water heaters are usually not thought about until the basement is flooded or you get caught in a cold shower. The average lifespan of a tank-style water heater is 8-10 years.

Are tankless water heaters as efficient as tank-style heaters?

Because there are so many variables to consider when choosing a new water heater, always have a professional to help you through the process.

Does hard water affect my plumbing fixture?

High levels of sediment in groundwater and old pipes flaking bits of metal are the main causes of hard water. This is not hazardous but it can cause damage to your pipes and fixtures.


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