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Cutting Costs and Carbon Footprints

Purchasing a New System - Master's Heating and CoolingYou know it and we know it: replacing your old home comfort system requires a significant financial investment. That’s why your friends at Masters Heating & Cooling are ready, willing and able to get you all the help you need in purchasing a new system.

That help can come in the form of federal tax incentive programs that offer the Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit on the purchase and installation of qualified equipment. Our customers can also qualify for manufacturer financing and rebates on Trane equipment/appliances they purchase through us. And, as always, Masters offers several financing options with approved credit that can make it easier to pull the trigger on purchasing a new system. Whatever your financial situation, we can work with you on a customized financing plan.

It’s also comforting to know that when you make the investment in a new HVAC system, you are making an investment in our environment. Your new high-efficiency system will contribute to the reduction of emissions, helping preserve our planet for future generations. Recognizing the significance of reducing our carbon footprint is especially important as Earth Day approaches on April 22.

Another reduction you will see with your new system will be on your utility bills, both now and down the road. Call Masters today for more financing and rebate information, or to schedule a convenient appointment.

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