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How To Tell Air Conditioning Fact From Fiction


At Masters Heating & Cooling, we know everybody can use a little help and good advice when it comes to air conditioning during the hot summer months. While some tips are solid and can be helpful, many others are simply not true. Here are some of the common myths, misperceptions and untruths many air conditioning professionals hear:

  • The location of the thermostat does not affect its performance. Actually, the location of your thermostat is very important. Thermostats should be placed away from doorways, direct sunlight and appliances that give off heat. Ideally, thermostats should be installed in a convenient location and most closely to areas requiring optimal comfort control such as the bedrooms.
  • Leaving the A/C running at a consistent temperature all day will save money and avoid spikes in usage. Not exactly. A better idea is to use a programmable thermostat, which allows you to schedule the system to cool (or not) when you want it to.
  • When it’s time to buy, a large A/C system will cool your house better with less effort and cost. Bigger is not always better. Finding the right central A/C system that is optimal for your home, based on the size of your home and your budget, is more important.
  • Changing/cleaning your air filters is not as important in the summer as it is during the winter when your furnace is running. Definitely not true – dust and other particles are collected by filters year-round. It’s important to maintain regular air filter maintenance.
  • Closing my A/C vents will save me money. Fact: A/C vents are only made to close for personal comfort reasons, not to save money. Shutting off a vent won’t stop air from flowing to that air duct, the air just will not be able to get out of the vent. This means that you will be spending money just to cool your ducts.
  • Air conditioning service is not necessary unless something is wrong. On the contrary, regular maintenance is the best way to prevent your system from breaking down when you need it most.

Air conditioning advice is great, but make sure you hear it from our experienced professionals. Call us today for system analysis, inspection and maintenance to stay cool all summer.

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