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Humidifiers can help keep the flu bug away


Ready or not, here comes Old Man Winter. Of course, he is bringing along colder temperatures, snow and ice. Also tagging along is the beginning of the flu season, which torments families from coast to coast. Preventing and battling the flu can be done by eating healthy, exercising, and washing your hands regularly. You can also head to your local clinic or doctor’s office for a flu shot if you choose to. But one preventative tactic that is not on many folks’ radar is the indoor air quality (IAQ) in their home. Controlling and improving IAQ can be essential in keeping your family healthy and the flu bug at bay.

IAQ can prevent germs and other allergens from invading your home and help get rid of them if they sneak in. Last month, the importance of air filtration in enhancing IAQ was discussed, so this month we shift our focus on how proper humidification can improve IAQ in your home. The best way to do this is to install a whole house humidifier.

During the winter months, the outdoor air is cooler and drier, and this can translate into low humidity issues inside your home. This is bad for a couple of reasons, the least of which is the fact that some airborne viruses thrive in low humidity. Low humidity also creates other health issues; including dry and cracked skin, aggravated allergy and asthma symptoms, and sore/scratchy throats. Prolonged low humidity conditions can also lead to warping of wood furniture (oh no, there goes the grandma’s antique piano!), separation in wood floors and gapping/cracking of molding around windows and cabinets, etc. And don’t forget those uncomfortable static electricity shocks that startle you.

The solution to low humidity levels and the problems they create in your home is a relatively easy one: install a humidifier to your comfort system. Whole-home humidifiers are connected directly to the ductwork of your heating and cooling system. This allows your system to efficiently disperse humidified air throughout your home. Another incentive for adding a humidifier is the potential for decreased utility bills, which is a result of you feeling more comfortable at lower thermostat settings.

Resolving low humidity issues is at the top of the list in regards to promoting better IAQ, but other options can include air purification and ultraviolet light systems. For more information on Aprilaire 700 and other  systems, call Masters today and keep the flu bug away.

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