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Keep Your Holidays Comfortable with Preventive Maintenance HVAC Checks

christmas-treeNo one wants to deal with malfunctioning furnaces during the holiday season with family dinners and other festive activities. With the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, you want to make sure that your home will be inviting, warm and comfortable for a holiday season that is happy and full of great memories.

It’s important for you to make an appointment with Masters Heating & Cooling at least once per year to come out and check your system for several reasons – even if everything about it seems to be working in perfect order. We can find small, unnoticeable issues and fix them before they turn into big expensive problems, and you won’t want any large expensive problems during the holidays that require emergency heating service at an inconvenient time.

Keeping up with heating and cooling tune-ups will pay for themselves in the long run by keeping your energy bills as low as possible and also by potentially averting expensive, large emergency repairs. In addition, it can extend the life of your air conditioning and your furnace. Did you know that most manufacturers won’t honor their warranties without regular maintenance having been performed?

There is no better time to contact Masters by filling out our short appointment contact form today. We proudly serve Decatur, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Angola and all surrounding areas. Happy holidays from your friends at Masters Heating & Cooling!

“The men were efficient, careful, and persistent on detail to make sure everything was correct.”
“Great experience getting the A/Cs installed.”
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