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Manage Your HVAC Costs in Just a Few Steps

We know that heating and cooling utility costs are high – especially in the upcoming winter months when use of heating systems is high as customers try to keep their homes and businesses at a comfortable level of heating. Energy doesn’t have to take such a big bite out of your budget though.  We know that in Decatur heat and air systems can be costly when they’re not running properly or used efficiently, and at Masters Heating and Cooling we offer these tips to gain control of your HVAC costs.

Three Tips to Help Manage HVAC Utility Costs

  1. Ensure Your Home is Properly Sealed.  When your windows and doors aren’t tightly sealed, the heat and cold air loss can make your home or business feel like you have to constantly adjust the temperature to stay comfortable. Energy that escapes that way is lost, causing you to waste money that you could otherwise spend or hold on to for other purposes. The constant adjustment of the temperature in your building or home can also waste a lot of energy.
  2. Use a Programmable Thermostat.  Programmable thermostats allow you to regulate how much your HVAC system works and at what temperatures it turns on. If you’re not using a programmable thermostat and your air conditioning unit runs when you’re not at home or at work, that’s wasted energy. These systems allow you to set specific temperature triggers for your HVAC unit to turn on and off, which means it only runs when it’s necessary.
  3. Utilize Renewable Energy. Whenever possible, using geothermal and solar power along with your HVAC system can help to reduce costs because the HVAC unit doesn’t use as much energy overall.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to save money with your heating in areas we serve such as Decatur, reach out to the professionals at Masters Heating and Cooling today.

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