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Ductless Mini Splits

Traditional HVAC systems have served heating and cooling needs in Fort Wayne, IN for decades. An air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump connects to a series of ducts to distribute the conditioned air to all parts of a house.

But more and more Masters Heating & Cooling is hearing a new sentiment concerning HVAC needs, “Once you go ductless you’ll never go back.” It refers to the rapid technological advances in mini-split heat pumps.

They are still thought of mostly for supplemental heating and cooling, but more and more they are also replacing central systems. One example, mini splits are a great air conditioning companion to radiant floor heating. It means you can heat and cool a home in Fort Wayne and surrounding areas without any ductwork.

If you’re not familiar with mini splits, here are the key notes:

  • Individual air handlers installed in rooms (generally on a wall)
  • Each controlled by its own thermostat
  • Multiple air handlers can be connected to one outside condenser
  • Handlers deliver conditioned air directly to each room (no ducts)
  • Ideal choice for living areas not attached to current central system

Although thought of most often as ventless air conditioners, heat pump technology has advanced so rapidly that mini splits can also handle many heating needs, even in cold climates.

Masters services all brands but features mini-split heat pumps from two of the leading manufacturers:

Fujitsu minisplit 200x200

  • Fujitsu:

The company has more than 40 years of experience. Their units are noted for their quiet operation and energy efficient heating and cooling. As many as 8 rooms can be connected to one outdoor compressor.

mitsubishi_minisplit 200x200

  • Mitsubishi:

Their mini split systems focus on individual living spaces instead of treating every room the same. Whether it’s renovation, new construction, or light commercial, Mitsubishi has mini splits to fit every need.

Mini splits can also be the most efficient choice for heating and air conditioning in Decatur, Angola, Mishawaka, and Fort Wayne. Many central systems can lose up to 30% of their heating and cooling effectiveness because of ductwork problems.

Convenience, comfort, and money-saving efficiency. Shouldn’t you be calling Masters Heating & Cooling right now and talking with our comfort advisors about the advantages of going ductless?

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