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Dehumidifiers Cause Hundreds of Fires. Could Your Home Be Next?

dehumidifier safety recalls

If you are running a dehumidifier in your home, go and unplug it RIGHT NOW!

Good! Now that you’re back, here’s what your friends at Masters Heating & Cooling want you to know: The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has now recalled about 2.5 million dehumidifiers because they can overheat and catch fire.

According to the CPSC website, there have been 450 fires causing $19 million in property damage. We know for a fact that one of those fires happened near us in Northern Indiana, destroying a nearly new home.

The reports of fires are coming in from around the country. A family in Wisconsin didn’t even realize their unit was still plugged in and are lucky that someone was home at the time to call the fire department and that no one was hurt.

The dehumidifiers were made by a company in China and sold under dozens of brand names by several retailers. All of the brands and models are listed on the CPSC website, so you can find out if yours is affected by the recall.

We know that excess humidity in homes can be a problem in our service area, especially during the summer, but the risk these recalled dehumidifiers pose is just too great.

Here are some other ways the experts say you can control humidity in your home if your dehumidifier is not safe:

  • Use ventilation fans in places like bathrooms & kitchens
  • If you don’t have fans, crack a window for a few minutes
  • Take colder & shorter showers
  • Cover food while cooking
  • Move houseplants outside if possible or into 1 room as plants give off moisture

Humidity is just one factor when it comes to indoor air quality and the role it plays in keeping your family comfortable.

Let our professionals at Masters Heating & Cooling help you identify any problems you may have. We can test for particles in the air that can cause allergies, chemical pollutants, and carbon monoxide.

We can often solve any issues we find with better filtration and the introduction of more fresh air.

So please, please, please make sure your dehumidifier is not on the recall list before plugging it back in and call Masters for any repair, service, or maintenance needed to keep your home safe and comfortable.

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