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Signs Your Air Conditioning Unit May Be Failing

masters-ac-failureSymptoms of a failing air conditioning unit can be difficult to spot without the proper tools and right amount of experience. There are several different components in an A/C unit, and any one of them malfunctioning can compromise efficient operation, leading to further damage, higher cooling bills, an increase in energy consumption and ultimately, the need for new air conditioning installation in Fort Wayne, Decatur, Angola and Indianapolis.

The experts at Masters Heating and Cooling know that prevention and due diligence is the key to avoiding a sudden breakdown in the middle of summer, and there are some telltale signs of an air conditioner losing its ability to effectively cool a home that you should keep an eye out for:

  • The fan on the outdoor unit ceases to spin at full speed, or completely stops spinning altogether
  • There is a buzzing sound or unusual humming noise present at your outdoor unit
  • You no longer feel air coming from your vents, or the air is no longer cold
  • You feel a diminished amount of cool air coming from your vents
  • The unit seems to function fine one day and not on other days
  • Your circuit breaker repeatedly switches off

There are also other symptoms that you may not even recognize or be aware of. For this reason, even if you think your air conditioner is working properly, you should schedule a maintenance check or tune-up with a certified professional every spring. He or she will be able to check connections, R-22 refrigerant levels, capacitor function, the fan motor and all other components necessary for proper function. Having an annual check by a certified air conditioning service like Masters is your best defense against having to sweat out the summer due to a failure to heed warning signs.

Masters Heating and Cooling wants to remind you to contact us for a maintenance appointment today. We proudly serve the areas of Fort Wayne, Angola, Decatur and Indianapolis, IN as well as all surrounding areas. Remember, Masters Gets There Faster!

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