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Old AC or Water Heater Could Make you a Winner

win a free AC

“My central air conditioner is so old it has never heard of Global Warming.”

If your A/C or water heater is on the brink of extinction, Masters Heating & Cooling wants to hear from you. We’re on the hunt to find the oldest residential air conditioner and tank style water heater in our service area now through May 31, 2017. Simply enter, and you’ll be registered to win a brand-new air conditioner replacement or a new water heater to replace your current artifacts.

Even if you don’t win, this would be a good time to have our professional technicians at Masters make sure you’re not headed for a disastrous breakdown due to outdated equipment. There comes a time when AC replacement makes more sense than trying to repair that central air conditioner.

If your AC Unit is more than 10 years old, an efficient, new unit could reduce your monthly air conditioning costs by 30% or more.

There are all sorts of new choices to heat your hot water. Chances are, they weren’t available when you bought your tank-style option many, many years ago.

One great option is the tankless hot water system. Masters recommends the Rinnai brand, the industry leader. A tankless system means you’re not wasting energy to keep an entire tank of water hot. The water is heated as you use it.

Just like many industries, air conditioners and hot water heaters are getting more technologically advanced every year. Holding onto your dinosaurs makes about as much sense as still using a flip phone and dial-up internet service.

Masters knows the cost of a new AC unit or hot water heater can make buying one a financial burden. Our comfort advisors will help you find every financial incentive available, including manufacturer rebates.

Financing the purchase can also make it easier. Doesn’t it make sense to use other people’s money to pay the bill for a new AC unit and the installation? Masters Heating & Cooling has programs and terms to fit every budget. In some cases, your energy savings could offset the monthly payments.

So, if your air conditioner and/or water heater is starting to make your home feel carbon dated, call Masters Heating & Cooling. Our experts will provide the service, repair, and maintenance to help you get rid of those fossils.

“The men were efficient, careful, and persistent on detail to make sure everything was correct.”
“Great experience getting the A/Cs installed.”
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