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Masters offers several accessories to make it easier to maintain a comfortable home. Technology has put the information world at our fingertips with smartphones and wireless internet access. Why not use the same technology to put comfort control at your fingertips as well? A programmable Wi-Fi enabled thermostat can give you peace of mind and security. At Masters Heating and Cooling, our goal is to do just that; we want to link you, our valued customer, with the services and latest technology available to make your home or business safe and secure.

Masters features programmable thermostats by Carrier and Honeywell, two of the most respected names in the business. Carrier has a complete line of thermostats matched to the company’s long list of heating and cooling products. Honeywell has long been a pioneer in systems control and offers multiple choices to fit every system and every budget. By connecting the thermostat to your home Wi-Fi network, you control your heating and cooling systems from literally anywhere in the world.


The Carrier products include the Energy Star rated Cor line of thermostats and the premium Infinity Series Controls designed exclusively for the Infinity line of heating and cooling products.

energy starIf there are other climate control problems in your home, Masters can solve them for you. Many clients complain about hot and cold spots in their houses.

Our expert technicians can install a zoning system which allows you to set different temperatures in different rooms. It’s done through a series of dampers, each of which can be controlled by a single Cor or Infinity thermostat as described above.

Another great way to solve the problem of uneven heating and cooling is to talk with us about the advantages of installing ductless mini split heat pumps. Carrier turned the mini split world upside down at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. It unveiled a new model with a SEER of 42, the most efficient air conditioner available in North America. If you’re not familiar with ductless mini splits, this is how they work: air handlers attached to a single outside compressor deliver conditioned air directly to the room or area where it’s needed. Each one can be set to a custom temperature based on personal comfort levels.

Depend on Masters for all of your heating and cooling needs in Fort Wayne, IN, and the surrounding area. Our only goal is to help you have total control of your indoor environment.

Large or small, commercial or residential, with five convenient locations in Fort Wayne, Decatur, Angola, Greenwood and Indianapolis, “Masters gets there faster.” 

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