AC Replacement

Choosing the right equipment.

Replacing an air conditioner is a big decision for any homeowner. It’s even tougher if your old system breaks down when the temperature is rising outside. No one wants their home to be hot and steamy during an Indiana summer. Masters Heating & Cooling, with five locations to serve you, can help make the replacement and installation process as painless as possible.

Choosing the right equipment

For the purposes of this discussion we will assume the decision to replace has already been made. The first critical step is determining the unique needs of your home. Choosing the right cooling option depends on several factors:

  • The size of the home
  • Type of construction (slab, basement, crawl space)
  • Level and quality of insulation
  • Number and size of windows

Air conditioners are definitely NOT one-size-fits all. Our Masters Comfort Advisors will spend a lot of time at your home measuring, examining, and talking with you before making any specific recommendations. Proper sizing is crucial. Never let a salesperson tell you a larger capacity air conditioner is always better. That’s simply not true.

Energy efficiency is important

Manufacturers seem to make air conditioners more efficient every year. The SEER rating is used to measure energy efficiency. The higher the SEER number, the more efficient it is. A rating of 13-14 is considered standard. A SEER rating of 15-18 is considered high efficiency. Ultra-efficient models can have a rating as high as 24.

Proper installation is critical

There’s a saying in the world of heating and cooling: Installation day is the most important day in the life of a new system. It’s true because poorly done installations can cause problems throughout the life of the new air conditioner and can be very expensive to fix. Masters offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee because of our experienced and professional staff who can meet all your installation needs. The technicians have the necessary tools and knowledge to install a new air conditioner according to manufacturer specifications.

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Ductwork is vital

In most replacements the home already has ductwork for AC, but it’s imperative to make sure it’s up to the challenge of handling a new system. Poorly designed and/or poorly insulated ducts are a leading cause of wasted energy. The cold air from your AC can’t cool your home if it’s not efficiently delivered to every room. With a trained engineer on staff, Masters can design and install an engineered duct system to fit every need.

Masters is here to help

Don’t let the stress of replacing your current air conditioner get you down. Masters Heating & Cooling has helped thousands of satisfied customers enjoy the comfort and efficiency of a new cooling system. Our goal is ultimate satisfaction and comfort for our clients. We want to help you as well.