Heating System Replacement

Replacing your heating system is a big decision and it’s crucial you choose the right people to do the job. Masters Heating and Cooling has a professional, experienced staff to meet your installation needs. We have the necessary tools and knowledge to install a new system according to manufacturer specifications giving you the most effective and cost-efficient heating system possible.

Choose well

It’s important to choose the right type of system. The most common is a forced air furnace burning natural gas. Masters has expertise installing several other types of central heating including:

  • Radiant heat
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Ground source heat pumps (geothermal)

Each of them has advantages and disadvantages, which we will be happy to explain to you in detail.


Once you have decided on the type of heating system, the installation process starts in earnest. The first key is making sure it is the correct size. This is a critical step because contrary to what you may hear, bigger is not always better. At the same time a unit that’s too small may not provide adequate heat. It takes a knowledgeable and trained technician like the ones at Masters to complete the complicated formulas to determine which size is correct for your house. Some of the factors include square footage to be heated, type of insulation, number and quality of windows and doors.


Many times, existing ductwork can be used with a replacement heater, but if there are problems with the ducts your new furnace will never operate at peak efficiency. Ducts must be the proper size to deliver the conditioned air, protected against the elements to prevent heat loss in attics and crawl spaces, and must be designed for the most efficient airflow. Many forced air systems lose up to 30 percent efficiency because of ductwork leaks and poor design. Masters has a trained engineer on staff who can design and install a custom engineered duct system.

Installation day

When the big day arrives, we will call you and let you know the installation crew is on the way. Every person who works in your home will be background checked, drug tested, and properly licensed. They will wear shoe covers and lay down runners to protect the floors in your house. The old furnace or heating system will be removed and disposed of properly and the work area will be left cleaner than we found it. We will not leave until you are comfortable with the operation of your new furnace.

Peace of mind

This is what you also receive when you choose Masters Heating & Cooling. Each new installation comes with a one year labor warranty and 10 years on parts. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is at the heart of our core philosophy for doing business.

Call Masters Heating and Cooling to learn more about these money-saving offers!

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