All You Need To Know About Condensate Drains

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All You Need To Know About Condensate Drains


Your home’s HVAC system has many components that work together to keep you warm in the winter and cool when it’s hot outside. An important part of the AC system that probably isn’t thought about much by homeowners is the condensate drain. You may also hear it called the condensate line. Its primary function is to remove water or condensation away from the evaporator coil. If you use a mini-split system, which has indoor air handlers, the condensate drain moves the moisture to the outside. If the water or condensation isn’t draining properly, you may have a clogged condensate drain. This can cause problematic symptoms like standing water inside or out, mold or mildew issues, poor cooling, or at worst, the unit can freeze internally, preventing it from cooling your home. 

Your Masters Heating & Cooling highly trained HVAC technician is a valuable ally when it comes to maintaining your home’s comfort system, including keeping the condensate drain functioning properly. As mentioned, sometimes the condensate drain can become clogged by a buildup of debris, dust and other particles that mix with the condensation and block the line. Another issue occurs when mold forms and grows into the condensate line. In either case, there’s a process you can do to clean the line, but we recommend you call the skilled professionals at Masters to handle the issue for you quickly and efficiently.

If you notice any of the following, you may have a condensate drain clog: 

  • The drain pan is holding water.
  • The AC unit shuts off completely or won’t power on.
  • There’s a musty smell near the indoor unit or coming from the vents.
  • The AC isn’t adequately cooling your home.
  • You notice water leaks or damage at the indoor unit.

Masters Heating & Cooling makes sure every HVAC technician is thoroughly trained and ready to handle every heating or cooling challenge, including clogged condensate drains, quickly and efficiently. If you need help with this or any other HVAC issue, schedule an appointment with our staff today.