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Why Won’t My AC Shut Off? Reasons & Solutions

Dirty condenser coil affecting the function of the AC

If your AC isn’t shutting off, do not fret. Many homeowners face a continuously running air conditioner. While it may seem a significant issue that needs immediate professional attention, this isn’t always the case.

There are several reasons your AC unit may be running without ceasing and familiarizing yourself with said reasons is needed to determine how to best resolve the issue. Below, we discuss why your unit may not shut off, DIY steps you can take, and when to call a professional.

Can an Air Conditioner Run All Day?

No matter the weather outside, your air conditioner shouldn’t run all day. Generally, cooling cycles should run in 15- to 20-minute long intervals two or three times per hour. As with any appliance, the more your AC unit runs, the more energy and electricity are used. This not only increases your carbon footprint and energy waste, but it can also result in hefty utility costs. It will also inevitably lead to your system’s parts wearing down faster, and you’ll likely need a repair or replacement much sooner than you anticipate.

Reasons Why Your AC Won’t Turn Off

A constantly running AC unit can be frustrating, and why it’s happening is not always obvious. Some common reasons your unit won’t shut off are as follows:

Electrical Issues

Any electrical appliance is at risk of having electrical issues. For AC units, its compressor contactor can fuse closed, feeding the condenser unit power to keep your unit running constantly.

Thermostat Issues

At some point in time, your thermostat won’t be able to function up to par. Dirt, debris, and wear and tear result in your thermostat being unable to read temperatures properly. Additionally, its wiring can malfunction or parts can become loose, hindering the connection between the thermostat and your AC unit.

Dirty Condenser or Coils

Hot air passes through an indoor evaporator coil to cool your home. Dirt and dust buildup hinder the coil’s heat release from the refrigerant. Likewise, if the outdoor condenser is blocked by debris, it won’t allow enough heat to pass through. Your unit will keep running in a desperate attempt to operate efficiently.

Dirty Air Filters

Like dirty condensers and coils, a dirty air filter prevents proper operation. Your unit will work overtime to push air through a dirty filter to cool your home.

DIY Solutions & Fixes

Before making an appointment with a professional, try some DIY tips and tricks to fix a constantly running AC unit. Some of these solutions include:

  • Ensure the outdoor condenser and indoor coils are clean and free from debris
  • Clean off your replace the air filter
  • Refill refrigerant
  • Recalibrate or adjust your thermostat
  • Clean off the thermostat
  • Clean off the blower fan
  • Call Masters Heating & Cooling for a dependable AC repair

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