Choosing a Career in HVAC or Plumbing

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Choosing a Career in HVAC or Plumbing

The end of May is marked by Memorial Day weekend and graduations. Many young men and women will get their high school and college degrees and embark on the path to find the career just right for them. Likewise, many companies are in the hiring market at this time of year, where they are looking for employees to join their staff or workforce. The HVAC and plumbing trades offer rewarding and fulfilling opportunities for those folks who enjoy the hands-on creativity and innovation of the service industry. 


Masters Heating & Cooling has been a staple of the HVAC and plumbing service industry since 1980, and has served the communities of Fort Wayne, Decatur, Angola, Indianapolis, Greenwood and Mishawaka, IN with pride and excellence. We are happy to report that the HVAC industry is thriving and, in fact, is growing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the HVAC industry is poised to experience a growth rate of nearly 15 percent. This number is higher than the overall average for all other occupations. This means a few things. One, HVAC technicians will be in high demand, and two, HVAC technicians job security and salary should both grow and be secure. Here in the tri-state area, we can definitely attest to a shortage of qualified HVAC technicians. Generally, prospective HVAC technicians can receive training through an apprenticeship or via technical school, which includes specialized training in such areas as refrigeration and solar energy. 


Likewise with the plumbing industry. Licensed plumbers are always in demand and the need for residential plumbing repairs and installations is not likely to decrease anytime soon. Plumbers are also required to receive training and certification and the apprenticeship option is the preferred course. Plumbers will learn local plumbing codes and safety tips and learn all aspects of plumbing, from unclogging toilets to installing water system piping, etc.

Here is your chance to learn a trade and begin a career without the huge financial investment a college degree requires. Masters believes strongly in taking care of our own, so we always make sure our plumbing and HVAC technicians are receiving the latest in training and certifications and we also offer our employees incentives in these areas. So, if you have a strong work ethic, are drug free and would like a career with one of the best HVAC/plumbing companies in the tri-state area, call us today. And don’t forget to call us for all your HVAC and plumbing needs….Masters gets there faster!