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How To Get Rid Of Furnace Noises

How To Get Rid Of Furnace Noises

I really wish there were a way to make forced air furnaces run without making noise, but it’s just not possible. What Masters Heating & Cooling can do is educate you about the sounds coming from the furnace in your Fort Wayne, Decatur, Angola, Indianapolis, or Greenwood, IN home; what might cause the noise and furnace repairs that might fix the problem. 

Whistling Or Whooshing

These sounds almost always result from some type of airflow problem in the HVAC ductwork. A whistling sound is usually from an air leak, although air flowing through a dirty filter can also create a whistling noise. The whooshing, or as we like to call it jet engine sounds, can often indicate a more serious design issue. The ducts are the wrong size for the volume of air that is being moved by the furnace.

Metal On Metal

When you hear scraping or grinding furnace noises you should suspect issues with the blower wheel or the fan. The assembly could be loose or broken. This type of sound should not be ignored as the damage will only get worse. You should call for an immediate furnace repair .

Banging Or Booming

This is most often a problem with the ignition process. When dirt accumulates on the burner, it can delay ignition for a few seconds. This results in a gas buildup and a mini-explosion when it finally ignites. When this happens, it can damage the heat exchanger and allow deadly carbon monoxide poisoning in your Fort Wayne, Decatur, Angola, Indianapolis, or Greenwood, IN house. Furnace repairs should be made immediately.

High-pitched Squealing/Screeching

These furnace noises will certainly get your attention in a hurry. There can be a variety of causes such as a loose blower fan belt, loose/vibrating shaft bearings, bearings that are worn out, or other issues with the blower motor. In nearly all situations, these annoying sounds are going to get worse, not better. Waiting too long to make furnace repairs will likely cause more serious damage and make the repair more expensive.

Are You Really Listening To Your Furnace?

When a furnace starts making noise it may also be delivering a message to you: “I’m old and worn out and it’s time to consider a furnace replacement .” Every furnace will eventually reach the point of no return meaning spending money on expensive furnace repairs just doesn’t make any sense. 

Masters Is Ready To Help

If your Fort Wayne, Decatur, Angola, Indianapolis, or Greenwood, IN furnace is making unusual noises call Masters Heating & Cooling to schedule a furnace repair . If it appears the sounds are a message that it’s time to consider a f urnace replacement , we will be happy to give you a no-obligation estimate so you can make a decision about what’s best for you. To learn more about the services we offer be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter .

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