Hot Water Heaters & Their Efficiency

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Hot Water Heaters & Their Efficiency

Types of Hot Water Heaters & Their Efficiency

Hot water heater problems are low on everyone’s list of fun things to do. They tend to burst or need repairs when it’s least convenient. Having a little hot water heater knowledge may help prepare you to avoid hot water heater challenges and choose the one that is best for your living situation. 

There are two types of water heaters, tankless and storage tank with advantages and disadvantages. Either type can perform efficiently. 

Tankless water heaters are usually more expensive to install. Minerals can build up inside the unit, regardless of whether the water is from a water or treated water. Heavy use may prevent the tankless from keeping up with demand. If you have multiple bathrooms and more people living in the home, a second hot water may help, which also means higher upfront costs. A big plus for the tankless water heater is that it heats up only when needed, which can save on wasted energy costs.

Storage tank hot water heaters have their own challenges. Like the tankless, storage tank water heaters may also get mineral build-up inside the tank, which if unaddressed, can lead to performance issues. Over time, tanks can leak or even burst, which sometimes leads to floors and other items being saturated with water.

Both types of hot waters have some common issues which require the service of a professional. Water may not get hot enough, regardless of the thermostat setting. Both can have some discoloration in the water due to corrosion. You may notice a rotten egg odor with either type. In a storage tank water heater that usually means replacing an anode rod. If either type is gas powered, a rotten egg smell often signifies a gas leak.

As for efficiency, it comes down to the amount of hot water that is used daily. In homes that use 41 gallons or less of hot water per day, tankless water heaters can be up to 34% more efficient than a tank heater.

Homes need hot water for good health and hygiene. Masters Heating & Cooling has the knowledge and expertise to help you decide which type is good for you.

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