Furnace Repair: What Would Cause A Furnace To Overheat?
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What Would Cause A Furnace To Overheat?


Here in the Midwest, the winter months usually come with bitter cold. We rely on our home’s furnace to provide us with warm air and keep our family comfortable while the wicked winds rage outside. At its very essence, a furnace is hot; it heats air via burners fueled by electricity or gas. But your furnace can get too hot and that is not good. When it overheats, this is the indication of a problem that needs to be resolved with a furnace repair to prevent damage or even replacement of the furnace . In extreme cases, an overheated furnace can create a fire hazard, so always be vigilant of how your furnace is operating. 

Air Filter

When furnaces overheat, it can usually be traced to one issue: restricted air flow. Your furnace must get enough air to properly operate/ventilate and if that airflow is insufficient for whatever reason, it can lead to overheating. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your furnace is getting enough incoming air:

  1. Check/change the air filter. This is the first line of defense in keeping airflow where it should be. Filters block dust, debris and other stuff from getting into your system. Over time, this collection builds up and begins to restrict airflow. Check filters each month and change frequently.
  2. Check vents. Vents (both intake and return) throughout the home should be kept cleared of any objects around them and cleaned. Furniture, rugs, etc. can severely hamper air flow. Also, refrain from closing vents. The system is meant to operate with all vents open and overheating may occur if more than 60 percent of vents are closed off.
  3. Inspect evaporator coil/blower fan . Both of these components can become ineffective or damaged if they get dirty. They should be inspected annually by a professional heating and cooling technician.

Furnace Repair

Signs that your furnace may be overheating and/or operating inefficiently and needs a furnace repair includes:

  • Sudden stoppages. If The furnace suddenly shuts off before reaching the thermostat setting, it may have overheated enough to trip a circuit breaker.
  • Odd smells or noises . Overheating can cause a burning smell, which is not to be confused with the rotten egg smell of gas. Overheating can also cause banging from internal components of the furnace.

If you experience any of the above problems, pick up the phone right away and give us a call . Also, always remember that regular maintenance can keep your furnace running the way it should and it can also help to sniff out potential issues before they become more serious. Masters is happy to take the worry of scheduling regular maintenance off your hands with our Energy Savings Agreement maintenance plan. Benefits Include a 17-point annual furnace inspection/tune-up, priority service and discounts on parts and labor. So, give us a shout today or visit one of our many locations: Fort Wayne, Decatur, Angola, Indianapolis, Greenwood and Mishawaka, IN. 

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