1 Signs You Need Boiler Repair Or Replacement
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10 Signs You Need Boiler Repair Or Replacement

When the boiler is broken or needs work your first thought might be, “oh no.”

But when it comes to hiring a professional service for all your boiler needs there is no reason to worry.

In many cases, a professional boiler repair or replacement can have major benefits to your home. With Indiana residents enduring hazardously cool temperatures in recent times there’s no reason to deal with a broken boiler.

Even a boiler that is operating inefficiently can cause major discomfort. Your boiler repair could also help lower your energy bills.

Not sure if it’s time to call in the professionals?

Here are 10 signs you need professional boiler replacement or repair that you shouldn’t ignore:

Signs That You Need Boiler Repair Or Replacement

1. Your Heat is Out

Your heat isn’t working properly? Rather than performing a do-it-yourself repair, you want to call a professional.

2. Persistent Service Calls

Are you calling the same service and having the same problems? Or maybe you are facing a situation where every time one aspect of your boiler gets repaired something else fails.

The cost-benefit analysis in these situations requires a professional. Quality service means addressing all of the needs of your boiler and getting back on track.

Or, you may be saving money with a replacement.

Don’t waste your time and invest in a boiler that needs to be replaced.

3. Foul Odors Could Mean You Need Boiler Repair

Any strange odors from your boiler is a sign of possible danger. Call a professional right away.

4. Leaks

If you see any evidence your boiler may be leaking it is time to call someone. Leaks aren’t just a sign that your boiler is operating inefficiently.

Your boiler leaks could also be a warning sign that big trouble is on the way. Many homeowners and commercial property owners have had nightmares to deal with as a result of boiler leaks.

There are cases where a boiler malfunction closes buildings down for days. A boiler leak can destroy property, breed mold, and damage the structure of your home.

Any sign of leak means it could be something serious. There isn’t time to delay.

5. Poor Energy Efficiency

Even if you don’t see any telltale signs in the operation of your boiler there could be trouble lurking. Some homeowners are surprised to find out that a great indicator of needing boiler repair is your monthly bills.

The U.S. Energy Information Association predicts energy costs will rise in every sector this year. There is a benefit to your monthly bills by having a boiler that operates efficiently.

A new boiler could help. But those rising bills you are getting may also show that your boiler has repair issues to be addressed.

Don’t spend too much heating your home. But also keep an eye out for signs that your boiler may be headed for failure or a breakdown.

6. Slow Heat Up

Some homeowners are hesitant to call for boiler repair when they can get their home heated eventually. They may notice it takes longer to heat the whole house.

But maybe they chalk it up to colder than usual temperatures. Don’t make the mistake of settling for a boiler that is slow to heat your home.

The original design of your home’s heating and cooling system should account for colder temps and insulation. The slow heat up process could be your boiler sending out a warning.

It’s better to call for service now rather than wait for a major breakdown.

7. Your Pilot Light Is Out

Many of us remember when most stoves had a pilot light. It wasn’t necessarily hard to relight a pilot light on a stove.

But it was wise to use caution when trying to relight a pilot light in your kitchen.

With a boiler, the pilot light being out is a different issue. Rather than relighting the pilot and moving forward you probably want to call a service professional.

Oils stains and a yellow flame burning from your pilot light are also signs to get help. Your boiler may have other repair issues that need to be addressed.

8. Operating Issues

Do you ever have the experience where it is boiling hot in one part of your home?

Maybe it is ice cold on one side of the living room and hot on the other.

In these cases, your boiler may not be operating properly. What is sometimes attributed to a control or air handling issue may be your boiler.

Use this as an opportunity to get your boiler replaced or repaired.

9. You’re Hearing Things

A hissing noise from your boiler is worth paying close attention to. This noise may indicate a deposit is forming.

Not all boiler issues require a major repair or a major replacement. A professional service may clean your boiler out and provide the regular maintenance required.

On the other hand, if you allow deposits to continue to accumulate the repairs could be more costly down the road. You may even have to deal with a complete failure.

10. Age

How Old Is Your boiler?

If you have had great service and years of heat from an old boiler it is time to make the change.

New technology and developments in HVAC have created boilers that operate more efficiently for a better overall value.

An investment in a quality maintenance agreement or a new boiler is a great investment in the value and operations of your home.

Get The Best

Masters Heating and Cooling can help every step of the way. Our boiler repair service offers expert technicians and is also affordable.

And in cases where it is time for a boiler upgrade or replacement you may save money in the long run.

Rather than investing in shoddy repairs by untrained service providers, it is often better to get the full benefits of a new boiler. You can watch your energy bills decrease due to the efficient operation and energy-friendly technology.

Masters Heating and Cooling even has financing available to make the entire process easy for our clients.

Don’t wait when it comes to your comfort and safety. Contact Masters Heating and Cooling now.

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