The Pros And Cons Of Forced Air Heating
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The Pros And Cons Of Forced Air Heating

Yoda was a fan of the force. But is forced air heating right for you? Here are the pros and cons of forced air heating.

You know what air heating is. You might even know that the average American household spends nearly $1,200 per year on air heating and air cooling. But you might not know what forced air heating is.

Forced air heating is a way a cooling or heating system distributes air throughout a home or a structure. The air is pushed through ducts and vents that are connected to a unit that heats or cools.

This is in opposition to a central air system. The unit is almost always located outdoors and still uses ducts and vents. But this air is used in a closed loop, where heat is pulled or pushed from your home according to whether you’re using the heat or the air conditioning.

There are pros and cons to the method of forced air heating. Take these points into consideration before you purchase one or the other for your home.

Energy Efficient

Forced air heating systems use natural gas, one of the most affordable substances as opposed to water or electricity. It’s not only affordable, but it’s also clean for the environment.

New technology has also allowed for these systems to provide an even greater level of efficiency for your furnace.

The Pros And Cons Of Forced Air Heating

Forced air heating can help warm you up in the winter months. Make sure that whichever unit you decide to use is the most beneficial for your space.

The Pros

Forced air is a comprehensive, affordable option that’s both sensible and effective. The heating is quick and makes sense for a lot of homeowners.

Heating Time

More than any other heating system, a forced air system pumps warm air through your home quickly.

The air is directly heated, and then promptly issued throughout your home using the system of ducts. This process takes little to no time, as opposed to others where air has to be distributed from a central system, or water has to be heated up.

Easy Installation Process

Whereas you might have to rip apart your floors to install something like a radiant heater, forced air heating can work with the systems you already have in place in your home.

If you have ductwork that already exists for an air conditioning unit, this makes the installation process even faster. The forced air heating ductwork can work with that ductwork and make the installation process minimal.


Other systems, like radiant heaters, are more expensive than forced air heating. For the efficiency of the heating that you’re getting, forced air heating is highly effective while maintaining a reasonable price.

Because the installation of forced air heating tends to be easier than the other alternatives, this also lowers the overall price.


Heating systems that use electricity or heat pumps have a much higher probability of breaking down than forced air heating systems.

The ducts are more durable with less working parts than these other systems, so you can count on them to stay working when you absolutely need to heat your home. That creates peace of mind for you, another benefit to choosing a sturdy method of heating your home.

The Cons

While forced air is a popular option for many homes, there are a few downsides that shouldn’t be overlooked when decision making.

Potential Health Risks

Because air is being forced throughout our homes, that means that dust, particles, and possibly mold are being carried through as well.

Mold can start to accrue inside the forced air unit and cycle through your house, so you have to make sure you that you keep the unit properly cleaned for the safety of your family.


No matter how state of the art your heating system is, it’s always going to produce some sort of noise. It can be very well tuned and very well built, but complete noise elimination is virtually impossible.

You’re pushing air through ducts that have built up pressure, which produces a sound. Still, mostly any type of heating system is going to produce some sort of sound.

Central Temperature Control

Forced air heating uses one thermostat to control the air in all the rooms. However, the heat might not be the same in every single room across the house.

The location of the room and the location of the ductwork might cause some areas of the house to be warmer than others. If each room had its own temperature control, this issue may be avoided. However, an individualized temperature control usually isn’t an option.

Leaky Ductwork

While your ducts are highly reliable, there is also potential in them for leaks. If your system is not designed well, as it wears you could start to lose some of the efficiency that you once enjoyed.

The leaky ductwork also contributes to the introduction of pollutants into your home.

Watch your electricity bill carefully as a spike is one of the first signs that your ductwork needs maintenance. You can also feel around your home to see if it seems like your system is working less effectively than it once was.

Get One For Your Home

Don’t spend your winter in a home with a broken heater for even a few days – everyone knows how miserable it is to stay in a home that’s much too chilly.

Make sure your forced air heating is ready to go before winter even hits by getting prepared with Masters Heating & Cooling. In case you are in a heating emergency, they can serve you seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

But before then, get a tune-up to make sure everything is working properly. You need to get the maintenance you need to make sure that you won’t have a mid-winter breakdown. Maintenance can also help you save money by allowing your systems to function more efficiently.

Or, get a new heating system installed all-together. No matter what you do, make sure you’re ready to stay warm and cozy when facing those chilly months ahead.

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