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Telltale Signs Your Hot Water Heater Is Dying

Telltale Signs Your Hot Water Heater is Going Out

Your water heater is a key appliance inside your home. Most of us prefer hot showers, especially during one of our Northern Indiana winters! We also need hot water for bathing and washing clothes and dishes. Basically, hot water is important for overall comfortable living conditions. We depend on our hot water heaters a lot. So you may want to check yours out before winter hits us hard here. A water heater replacement may be your next investment.

Being without a water heater is disruptive to schedules and life in general, so don’t wait for your water heater to just quit, or even worse, burst before you give it the attention it deserves. A water heater repair or replacement from Masters Heating & Cooling is much better done before there’s a catastrophe at hand. 

Signs To Look For

An obvious indicator is wet flooring or standing water around your water heater. In a storage tank heater, the water is always there and being warmed. Leaks or cracks will cause water to leach from the tank where you can see it.

If your water heater tank is showing signs of rust, that signifies there’s some corrosion occurring that could lead to the tank bursting. Avoid a damaging mess that will probably be expensive to remedy and schedule a water heater replacement right away.

If you notice odd sounds like clanking or popping coming from your water heater, call the professionals at Masters to check your water heater today . If you notice cloudy or any discoloration in the water coming from the tap, you could have corrosion inside the tank. Have your tank inspected to avoid an unexpected emergency water heater replacement .

If your water heater is older than 10 years, on one hand you’re lucky, but really, you’re just using your water heater on borrowed time. Not every water heater quits at 10 years of age, but most don’t last much longer.

Call For A Water Heater Replacement Appointment Now

Don’t play Russian Roulette with your water heater. If you notice any of these signs, call Masters Heating & Cooling today for an inspection. Our professionally trained technicians will inspect, and either repair or replace, your water heater efficiently and quickly.

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