Can I Override Recovery Mode On My Thermostat?
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How Do I Exit Recovery Mode On My Thermostat? Explained

Can I Override Recovery Mode On My Thermostat?

Generally, when we use the word recovery, we think there is something that happened that we need to recover from, or that something was lost or misplaced, and we are trying to recover it. So, when our customers see a recovery mode alert on their thermostat, they naturally think their HVAC system needs service. We can certainly understand their concern, but Masters Heating & Cooling Inc. wants all of our customers in the Fort Wayne and Indianapolis areas to know that recovery mode is usually nothing to worry about. With that in mind, here is what recovery mode means and why your thermostat may be in it.

Recovery Mode Defined

Recovery mode is a feature found on mostly newer thermostat models. It normally will display a message such as “recovery” or “smart recovery” and may be accompanied by a light or lit icon denoting it has switched to recovery mode. As it applies to your HVAC system, recovery mode means your system is in the process of adjusting the temperature in your home. This normally happens when your system has been off, or in an energy saving mode. By shifting to recovery mode, the thermostat is in essence telling your system to get back to work.

Reasons For Recovery Mode

  1. Normal operation. If you set your system to resume at a certain time, then the thermostat detects it and moves to recovery mode. This will enable it to achieve the desired temperature when you want it.
  2. Default operation. Certain smart thermostats will go to recovery mode by default. This usually happens when the thermostat senses patterns or temperature changes and makes adjustments.
  3. System malfunction. If your thermostat is not operating correctly or if your HVAC system is shutting on/off or struggling to maintain desired temperatures, it could trigger a switch to recovery mode. This may be caused by an electrical problem or other system issues that needs the attention of a licensed professional.

How To Override Recovery Mode

The easiest way to override recovery mode is to disable it via the thermostat settings. If you don’t want to permanently disable recovery mode, just program it to run on certain days. Give it a day or so to allow the system to adapt to the setting. If your system still flips back to recovery mode when you don’t want it to, it could be an indicator something else is wrong. Your duty is done and it’s time to call an HVAC pro.

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