Can Air Conditioning Cause A Sore Throat? AC Health Guide
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Can Air Conditioning Cause A Sore Throat? AC Health Guide

Can Air Conditioning Cause A Sore Throat?

Living through a pandemic can make people worry about a lot of things. For example, Masters Heating & Cooling is getting many questions about how air conditioning can affect health. One specific area of concern is the perception that the AC in your Fort Wayne, Decatur, Angola, Indianapolis, Greenwood, or Mishawaka, IN can cause a sore throat.

Possible But Not Likely

There is evidence to suggest air conditioning causes problems for some people, but there are multiple reasons people suffer from sore throats and generally speaking air conditioning is pretty low on the list. That said, let’s talk about some situations where the AC can be a culprit.

  • Dry Air
    • An air conditioner takes moisture out of the air. If you are sensitive to dry air, it can cause a sore throat. This is especially true for people who suffer from allergies. When possible, consider opening the windows to allow more humid air into the home.
  • Poorly Installed System
    • A poor installation can cause inadequate circulation which leads to stagnant air. This can provide an ideal environment for bacteria and viruses. If you suspect this is a problem our Masters technicians can measure airflow and correct any problems.
  • Lack Of Proper Maintenance
    • This will result in dirty filters, ducts, and cooling coils. Dirt and allergens are trapped and will circulate throughout the home. This is why your AC should be serviced by a professional at least once a year.

No Reason To Live In Fear

There is absolutely no reason to believe air conditioning is going to increase your chances of becoming infected by COVID19 or any other virus. In fact, with quality filtration and the addition of an air purifier, your HVAC systems should reduce the risk in your home when compared with many other indoor environments. 

Looking For Solutions

If you truly believe the air conditioning is causing a sore throat or other health-related issues in your Fort Wayne, Decatur, Angola, Indianapolis, Greenwood, or Mishawaka, IN home, call Masters Heating & Cooling. Our trained technicians will visit your home and do everything in their power to identify any problems and offer solutions to improve your indoor air quality. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more great information like this.

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